Friday, December 11, 2009

Soft Clouds

To break the monotonous of a long flight, capturing beautiful cloud formation is enjoyable. That's why I prefers window seats coz you can see the beauty that God has given us.
The reflection of the clouds on the icy water is beautiful.
The icy water of Japan.


  1. wow! is it nimbus or comulus?..hehhe..nice sky!

  2. Those clouds look like a snow storm. We are having a lot of snow and gusty winds lately.

  3. para na rin akong nasa ere ng makita ko clouds na entry mo, salamat na rin sa dalaw mommy rose

  4. Nice shots. I haven't tried capturing clouds every time we are in a plane. I wanna try someday...lolz.

  5. ganda ng mga kuha mo sis.....softie na softie...parang cottons...ehhehhe!

  6. Ang ganda naman nang kuha nang mga clouds na yan. Para tuloy nasa langit na ako, lol. Thanks sa post. God bless you all always.

  7. Those are gorgeous, Rose. I love fluffy clouds.

  8. awesome photos of the sky sis first I thought parang dagat...nice nice

    mine is here

  9. Beautiful clouds and great shots, Rose!

    Have a great weekend!


  10. Lovely cloud formations as you jet through the heavens to the USA. Lovely!

    I noticed Weirton on the linky. It has been awhile, but I went to college in nearby Steubenville, my grandparents lived there. I was last there in the panhandle of WVa in 1999. Lots of memory of steel mills and such, and I have written lots of blog posts, too... I love the Ohio River valley!

  11. Hi Rose! Wow! We have the same post for skywatch..kakaiba talaga feeling when you can capture sky just above the clouds...

    btw I have an award for you too...
    drop by and grab it!



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