Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Giftcards.. Humidifier.. Lay Away .. etc

Note: This is not a sponsored post.

Before we left Korea, I redeemed the points that my husband and I earned from Mypoints and we received it yesterday on the mail. It's $325 dollars worth for a total of 38,500 points. We are going to use these gift cards to pay some amount for the TV that we put on lay away at Sears last week.

Are you a member of mypoints. It's an awesome secure site that lets you earn points by just reading their email ads. For every email you receive and read, you get 5 points. The cool thing is, its FREE to join - it won't cost you a thing. You also earn points by taking surveys and shopping online.

For our 21 months of stay in Korea, we earned that much that almost pay 1/2 of the TV we put on lay away. So if you are interested, just let me know by sending me an email at cutiestfriend@yahoo.com.
I usually have bloody nose during winter so when we arrived here my husband bought us a new humidifier since the one we have is still in transit. I love this new one because it does works wonder on my nose, I don't experience nose bleeding this time.
Since these post contains blue color, it is perfect forSmiling Sally's Blue Monday.


  1. Malaki laki na rin yung naipon nyo sa Mypoints at mapapakinabangan nyo pa. Buti naman at bumili si John nang bagong humidifier para hindi na magdugo ang ilong mo pag sobrang lamig. Hindi ka pa rin siguro totally nakapagaadjust sa extreme cold weather dyan. Me namamatay pa raw sa mga aksidente dahil sa increased amount of snowfall sa ibang States. Magingat kayong lahat ngayong winter. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog,that is a very handy thing for winter.I wasn't able to comment for awhile.Happy blue monday.

  3. What a blessing for you and family to earn all those points and get such a great return. This is the right time of the year for that.

  4. Hirap ka pala pag taglamig dyan. Good that you have a remedy. Ang sipag nyo tlaga, dami nyong naipon n points.

  5. May naipon ako na points last yr sa mypoints but hindi ko anredeenm kasi akala ko scam pero nagyon nagsimula na din akong mag-earn ehhehe. Ang humidifier makatulong talaga yong doon kami sa Utah nako nagkasakit kaming lahat kasi ang air nila mabaho so ang humidifier nakatulong. Happy blue Monday.

    Mine is here

  6. SCORE!!!
    You did good!
    Happy Blue Monday
    Love Claudie

  7. That sounds like a good way to work off a new TV, Rose. Happy Blue Monday.

  8. What a great gift for yourselves, a new TV! Happy Blue Monday!

  9. Don't you love those point thingies! I have money coming from Discover : )) Also a humidifier is a must for this cold weather!! And such a pretty Blue!!

  10. I have been a member of MyPoints for a few years now. My sister just joined this summer and already she earned a $50. Macy's gift card!

  11. It sounds like a great deal to me!!
    and perfect shot for BM :)

  12. Cool points huh, you were able to pay half of your tv with it. Ano na, settle na kau dyan? hirap mag unload noh. Send me your address naman, email it to me..

  13. hahaha...first commentor ka nga Rose sa Blue Monday ko, at ako naman ang last dito sa entry mo hahahaha.

    Type ko talaga ang blue color sa mga small appliances, ang linis kasing tingnan.

    Anyway, level 3 na ngayon ang Mt. Mayon Rose, pinalilikas na ang mga taong nakatira 5 to 6 kilometers from the volcano.

    Sana tumigil na ang pagbubuga ng abo kasi naaawa ako sa mga bata, pero ang mga tatay eh yong iba nag paiwan pa...

    o sige na kasi at mag dro droping pa ako ng EC hehehe.


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