Monday, December 21, 2009

Miss Little Sunshine.. our dog Champ.. etc.

I don't know if its a hormonal change or the holiday that is making me a little homesick but yeah for the past couple of days, I am always silent. My husband threw a side comment on me last night, he said "how come you don't talk to me?".

Aha, am I that silent? Oh boy, I must be lol. But anyhow, one thing that could lift my spirit up when I am down is by browsing the photos from my archive. Here's one that I dug out, Miss Little Sunshine. Rylie draw this one, a week before we fly out from Korea.

The good thing is that I am no longer stressed out about our credits. We paid off some of the high interest ones so I am worry-free about it. With that being said, I need to get a free credit report online so that I'll know if we could get a lower interest rate to refinance our home. Right now, our home loan's interest rate is 6.25% and I am wondering if we could get a lower rate than that.
Another thing that keeps us busy is our first family pet, our new baby Champ. This was taken before we went to bed the other night. Champ sleeps in our bedroom, when he woke up in the morning and you're still asleep, he'll leak your face or made a noise to let you know that he is awake. 


  1. napaka pretty naman ng daughter mo sis.. artistahin :)


  2. Just beleive on Him..everything will b eon placed. Let this spirit Christmas give your joy.. merry Christmas to you and family..God bless you!!

  3. Napansin talaga nya ang pag ka silent mo Mare. I guess you should talk to your hubby whatever that's bothering you.

    Ganda ng Miss Little Sunshine mo and ang cute ng drawing nya.

    God Bless you and your family!

  4. Very cute pictures this week. Your puppy is adorable.

  5. Ganun naman talaga ang mga babae kaya hindi na dapat magtaka si John. Sometimes women are affected by mood swings or sometimes they are just experiencing the blues. Nothing beats driving the blues away than looking at the beautiful drawing of your darling Rye or cuddling your loving dog in your arms. Or maybe John can drive it away by being extra romantic, uuuuuy, lol. Thanks for the post. Merry Christmas to you all. God bless you all always.

  6. Great pictures this week. Champ is really a cutie too, so much fun!

  7. I think you missed Korea bakla, plus the cold weather here made us more homesick,parang we want to go home to our warm weather back home. Champs is getting spoiled huh. Nakakabored talaga ang winter ano, haay life.

  8. Cute picture of you and your new puppy!

  9. Hi mare, hormonal whack or not, I always feel homesick. i always think of my family back home especially on holiday season like this.
    by the way, pwede pa add naman ako dito sa blog mo?thanks mare ha? Advance merry Christmas.
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  10. Hi there! Your new "baby" is adorable!! You and I both have new babies in the house. Our newest is Sheba, our Jack Russell Terrier!

    You might be feeling more homesick because of the weather. Ohio weather is sort of yucky this time of year...probably alot less sunshine than you got in Korea! Just hang in there...eventually, spring will come! :)

  11. Aww... sweet puppy... he can lick away all your worries! :) Sorry for your stress. Blogging is a good outlet for our feelings... and yes, husbands need our conversation, too. Good reminder...

  12. Si rylie mana talaga kay mommy! Ganda-ganda! hehehe


  13. Hang in there my friend...lots of us here living abroad feel that way around holidays...we miss our family back home. :(

  14. rylie is so cute and of course pati si mommy and puppy hehe.
    I don't like dogs, but I like to see puppies :)


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