Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dress for Free.. Greeting Card.. Birthday.. etc.

I love participating in surveys, pay per click, and other stuff online. I just let the pints grow and during Christmas, I redeem them for gift cards (my former post from mypoints). when I wasn't blogging yet, I was very active taking surveys online and I love it because I can voice out my opinion for products and services. Please take note, this isn't a sponsored post, Valued Opinions did not pay me for this, just want to share it to you guys.
One of the websites I am a member to is the Valued Opinions. They send you surveys on email and in return you get points if you successfully completed the survey. I received my first gift card the other days and I used it to buy my daughter a new dress. See I got this dress for free.
I received a greeting card from my friend Malou of The Journey from New York. Thanks bru for the sending us picture of Jarred, that's so sweet of you. I owe my blogging happiness to this lovely friend. She mentored me a lot of things about blogging.
We celebrated our friend Gail's birthday last night here at Dad's house. We had a great time with everyone. They brought their lovely dogs, Tinkerbel, Butch, and Heide here so our champ was delighted. Happy Birthday once again Gail.
My kids had an awesome time playing with the kids, Chelsea, Christopher, Hailey, Lexie and Shelby.
Have a merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Your kids are having a grand time with their friends. Kids are very sociable unlike most adults, lol. They readily make friends with other kids. And even if they do not know the kids with them, they can easily play and enjoy themselves. Sana lahat nang tao katulad nang mga bata, lol. Wala sigurong problema sa mundo. Thanks for the post. Merry Christmas to you all. God bless you all always.

  2. salamat man tabi bru sa xmas card na receive mi na two days ago.

    di ko daw aram kung pawno maalin so malaware didto sa usad ko na blog

  3. hi rose . im glad you are back in west virginia safe. the kids truly missed their siblings.

  4. wohooo...galing galing talaga ni manang...way to go! ganon din ako sa credit card namin sis...I redeem the rewards when it is christmas time.....we got 300 bucks from our reward points....nadagdagan because of the ticket we purchased (PI trip)....did you redeem points din ba sa credit cards nyo?

  5. What a Christmas with laughter..hehehe.. sure your kids having time plus the free dress. Anyway..Merry Xmas..

  6. NIce! Stay Happy! Merry Christmas din po!

  7. dami mo na palang sites!
    parang ang ganda mag join sa mypoints ah! :)
    anyway, I read some of your posts, You will surely miss Korea, mtagal tagal din kayo nagstay dun di ba? But don't worry, you're home naman at last :)

    You left Rylie's painting stuff? Mabigat ba sa baggage? :) Sayang naman, pero for sure, mabibili mo din siya agad. :)

    take care always! :) advance Merry Christmas! :)

  8. Hello Rose!

    Kamusta na ? I see your kids is having fun with friends allready that´s nice...
    Happy kids makes mommy happy.
    keep it up rose and happy holidays

    Greetings from Sweden with hugs....

  9. hello rose,
    merry xmas to you and to ur happy family.
    I got problem opening your another blog. mawawala minsan yong post mo. It only appear few minutes but when i scrolled it down all the text will disappeard. Yong lay out mo nalang ang naiwan.I can only see your layout.

  10. actually it's not free Manang Rose because you exert effort on the surveys.. but anyway, free na din sguro kasi hobby mo ang pag-answer nang mga surveys. :-)

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Manang Rose and to your hubby and kiddos.. muahhh!

    Cacai M.'s Place
    Cacai's Steps and Journey

  11. Fabulous! the dress looks lovely. I'm sure your daughter will love it.

    Happy Holidays!


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