Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boo! Happy Halloween!

We went to the haunted house here inside the base. It is located on top of a hill and goes into a bunker so it is a little bit spooky. Last year, we did not get to see what was inside because my son freaked out. But this time he was brave enough. Here's the first one we see, it's a dummy so Rylie was okay.
When this one screamed, Rylie said "I want to go home now, I wanna go!" Even if we told her that those are just in costumes, she was firmed to her decision that we should go home lol.
So they did not see this but I went and took a photo of the scene real quick.

When Rylie started freaking out, EJ got scared too lol. Here they are getting ready to get out hahaha..

Speaking of spookiness, look at the moon on a Halooween hehehe.
Some of the props outside! A witch hanging on a tree.
I don't know what this suppose to be. A white lady or.. am not sure.
Here's Rylie going down the hill. The way going to the bunker is a little spooky too since it was dark, there's only one big light on top. They put green lighting on the way up. Here's my daughter going down the trail.
We are going for a trick or treat tonight. A colleague told me that they are expecting 250 Korean trick or treater kids so it would be fun to watch. They are more excited to this occasion than the American's because they don't celebrate Halloween in their culture.

Rylie will be wearing a butterfly costume but we are not sure about EJ. I tried to make him try the Indian costume on him the other day but he did not want it. Our son is not very fond of wearing out of ordinary clothes so he might just wear a shirt or something tonight.

Maybe next year, we can let him wear the elves Presley that my sister-in-law had made him. Or we can find some Prison con Halloween costumes in the store next time. So let us see. Have a horrorific Halloween everyone..Be safe!


  1. Wow ang brave naman ng mga chubskulit mo bakla. Pero natatawa ako when they are in a hurry to go home. Ang daming kadramahan talaga paghalloween ano, parang hindi ko yata ito na experience nung maliit pa tayo.

    31st pala ang last ng voting. sana manalo talaga si Rylie para happy happy joy joy lol.

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaa...that is too spooky....hehehe...look at EJ...hahahha!

  3. Happy Halloween Rose. Talaga namang spooky yung place na pinuntahan nyo. Pati yung buwan ay spooky rin. Sine celebrate din pala nang mga Koreans yung trick or treat. Dito sa Pinas sa mga exclusive villages lang at sa malalaking malls pina practice yan. Dito pumupunta ang mga tao sa sementeryo at duon sabay sabay na nananalangin, nagba bonding at nagre renew ng filial bonds ang members ng clans. Thanks for the spooky post. God bless you always.

  4. so scary yet fun naman....hehehhe.. buti di natatakot yong mga kiddies mo Rose, ay naku itong dalawa ko, I can't imagine going in that kind of place..lolz

    Happy halloween Rose and family

  5. Hello!

    wow buti hindi natatakot yong mga chikiting mo...looks creepy though....
    specially the moon reflection.
    Is the witch is real or just a doll?

    Thanks same to all of you..

    Thanks for visiting me and your nice comment..I appreciate it very much.

  6. Not sure I'd want to go in their either - to spooky!

    Thanks for your visit!

  7. how was your halloween? dito din hindi uso pero may mga konting halloween events din. Kahit na di uso, binili ko pa rin si anzu ng costume, naka-sale na kasi eh. Cant wait to see your dolly's butterfly costume.

  8. In fairness, sis nakakatakot nga ang loob ng bunker na yan. naalala ko tuloy yung dalawang anak ko nasa loob na kami ng haunted house, Malikmata yata yon sa Pasiklab sa Kyusi nagbackout sa takot. pero ako tumuloy kasama yung dating yaya namin. kahit sabihin mong tao rin sila nakakatakot pa rin ang costume at effects esp the lighting.

  9. I don't blame the kids for freaking out. It's quite scary too. I'd probably bolt out as fast as I can. :)


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