Saturday, October 24, 2009

Handling Tantrums

When you have kids, tantrums is unavoidable. Especially if you have two different genders. Oh my, sometimes when their differences collide, it's a big battle and a great challenge for parents. This week's theme for the Mommy Moment is about Tantrums.
I took these photos when EJ was throwing a fit because his sister did not want to give him the stick that he wants to play with.

Our little princess is very sweet but sometimes she has mood swings hehehe.

One of those moments when she does not want to play with him but EJ is very makulit.

EJ always say "Come on Ate, I wanna play"
Sometimes he does not want to play but the little girl is the makulit one.
EJ doesn't like it when he is sound asleep and you wake him up. He would really give it to you hehehe.
Sometimes the best way to handle tantrum is to just be silent, don't say anything but give them hugs and kisses.

Mommies and friends please help our daughter win, don't forget to vote (if you haven't voted yet) and please invite your friends to vote if you could. Maraming Salamat!


  1. Ang saya talaga kapag may bata sa bahay.
    may nagkukulitan...

  2. Hay, kids talaga. They sometimes play rough. Todo pikunan nung 2. My son also likes to try to annoy his sister a lot.

  3. Aww, those tantrums are so ADORABLE!!!
    I loved all your pictures especially the last one!
    You have Beautiful Kids!
    Here is "My Mommy Moment♥"<--Hope you like it☺
    Have a Great Day!

  4. Hahahahaha ang mukha ni EJ hindi mapinta lol. Ang bata talaga pag gusto niya hala throw a fit para lng makuha. .......Poor little Rylie sinakyan ni EJ, makipaglaro ka kasi heheheh.....Ito naman bawi si RYe kulitan portion waaaaa. Nakakatuwa silang tingnan bakla.

    Anyway, I went to vote again for Rye today at naunahan na siya, yesterday leading si Rylie. Sana maraming bumoto ano.

    Kiss ko sa dalawang makulit mong anakin diya bakla at sa nanay na kahit nag wristling ang dalawa go go go pa rin sa picture picture waaaa.

  5. It's so hard to deal with tantrums but ur right, if we just let them vent it all out, and just be patient, it will all pass...

  6. I hate when my kids throw tantrums but if I remember to pull out the camera and take pictures I am always glad I did. They look so funny.

  7. Such beautiful pictures!!!!:)

    Have a nice day:)


  8. oh wow! mommy momments na pala.. ill grab your badge mami..

  9. they still look so adorable even when they arent on the mood :)

    u may view mine if u have time

  10. ayan ayan ayan! biruin ang lasing hwag ang bagong gising hahahah! They're cute, sis tantrums or not.

    Mine is up. Oh btw, yong sabi mo kay Chris na pati ikaw magtatantrum, ayayay...totoo yan. pati ako kung minsan parang uunahan ko nalang si Cj hahahah!

  11. Cute ng kids mo! And I voted already! :)

  12. They are adorable and cute kahit may tantrums na!!! Miss you sis, have a fun~fun weekend! Smooch =)
    Check out my kids temper tantrums..God bless.

  13. he he, cute cute talaga ng mga kids mo sis, kahit nag tatamtrums cute pa rin..

  14. Even in their tantrums, your kids are cute! ~lol~ True that kids take turns making each other irate. Kids! =)

    My Mommy Moments entry is here.

  15. cute pa rin ni ej at rylie kahit umiiyak. masarap kase magkulitan kaso madalas may napipikon.

  16. haba ng pila dito sis inlove on the 4th pic....hahahhaha....sinakyan ba naman...wawa naman si ate rye....heheheh!

    kakatuwa yung mga facial expressions nila sis ano pag wala sa mood mga chikiting natin...ehhehehe!

    thanks for sharing....balik ako mamaya....kagagaling ko lang from skul....mwah!

  17. Tantrums are part of a kid's growth and development but if not effectively curbed they can lead to bigger problems. We must teach them to behave properly and not throw tantrums especially in public. The opposite of a child's tantrums is a parent spanking his kid in public. This will have a lasting negative effect on the character and behavior of a child. Patience and consistency are the solution against a child's tantrums. Your kids, as usual, are simply adorable. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  18. the fourth one reminds me of Jake; ganayan din kasi siya pag wala sa mood eh at pag napilitang gawin ang ipinagagawa ko hehehe

  19. ihhh ayan i am more excited to see na yena's little playmate.. id like to see the difference of their tantrums :D LOL

    cutie pa rin sila kahit naiyak mare.. hmmmmm :)

    anyways, ej call rylie ATE?? that sounds cute kasi dba walng ate at kuya na tawagan sa US??

    naku mare sensya kn at ngaun lng ako nakadalaw ha.. super busy lola mo..

    anyways lahat ng coron pix ay nsa blog n nmen.. silipin mo n lng if u have time..

    si yena silipin mo rin :D

    ingat lagi mare ko! happy weekend!!

  20. nakakagigiliw sina rylie at ej, I already voted for Rylie pala... nice meeting you, taga bicol ka din pala, ako din from Iriga

  21. Kahit may tantrums they still look cute!! :)

    Mine is here sis:

  22. Sorry sa wrong link sis!

    So cute ung 2 khit may tantrums!

    Mine is here:

  23. Mommy Rose, what I do with my kids, I ignore their tantrums, then they will stop. most of the time, the more I console them, the more they get loud and act up..Tantrums will get worst everytime we comfort them.

    Have a great weekend.

  24. your kids are so much like mine.. Kyla and Toby love each other so much but the next moment, they are at each other's throat!

    thanks for joining! its always great to read your posts!

  25. I agree w/ you Rose just let them be & we parents just stay firmly in control.Ang kulit talaga pag may bata,'missed small kids in the house.
    Btw,I had friend told me na bumoto na daw kay Rylie,'m going to give my vote agin after sending my comments here.

  26. sweet ng dalawa,kahit magkagalit, ha ha ha

  27. yup, best way talga is to ignore na lang pag may tantrum ang anak ko!

  28. Rose paki call mo nga yung attention ng organizer ng Smile Contest. Kaduda duda yung mga boto ni Agbisit. From nowhere biglang naging number 1. Hindi katulad ni Rylie na kita mo ang unti unti at regular na pagangat hanngang maging number one. Mukhang maingat yung handlers ni Agbisit dahil mini maintain na lang nila ng 50 points ang lead nila kay Rylie para hindi mapaghinalaang nandadaya. I still hope and pray na si Rylie ang manalo. She deserves it more than anyone else. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  29. ang cute ni jay pag naalimpungatan mommy rose! hehe! si sam ko naman, okay lang pag ginigising cya esp pag may lakad. rarely will she throw a fit. pero pag kakagising lang at di mo cya pinansin agad, makakatikim ka. hehe!

    masaya ako at leading na naman si jilian. wheee!!

  30. talaga? wat a small blogging world, hehehe....taga san isidro kami sa iriga, pirmi pa man kaming nag-uuli sad2

  31. i agree with you rose in how to handle tantrums is just to simply ignore them. i have a girl and a boy too, and oftentimes di sila magka sundo.

  32. Wohooo!!! Leading si Rylie sa Pinoy Smile contest...Panalo na siya..wala ng habol ang kalaban..

  33. LOL funny mga photos.. ang galing mo talaga kumuha, kahit walang caption, they say it all.

    Ang saya talaga kapag may kid sa bahay, lalo na kung marami. Nakakawala ng problema. Sana ako din, sa next baby ko ay boy para masaya.

    Happy weekends sa inyo. Im sure pasyal kayo bukas kaya enjoy lang =) mwah

  34. your little boy is so sungit when he have tantrums whahh takot naman ako

  35. When kids are not in the mood, it really shows in their faces just like us adults. My entry is up, too, mommy.


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