Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Link From Blog Payment

Hey guys, here's to inspire you to keep writing for Link from Blog because it does pay unlike paying post. I just received my first payment from them. Yohooooo! So what are you waiting for, sign up now and start earning extra cash!

Payment details
Amount:$50.00 USD
Transaction Date:Oct 19, 2009
Transaction ID:9LH034081G860151X
Subject:You've got money!
Message:Thanks for working!

Paid reviews


  1. Congrats sa payment mo, anyway ask lng ako pano kumuha ng review sa linkfromblog?

  2. wla nmn akong available tasks :(..

  3. nag sign up ako dito kc ala na ako opp haha makuha hmmm off na opp ko

  4. salamat ay sali mo yung mga bulilit mo hehe

  5. hehe naku ayaw mag load nga minsan kaya naiinis ako kahit ako diko minsan maopen

  6. good for u, sis. di pa ko nakakagawa ng post sa kanila kahit minsan. hehe.

  7. Congrats sa payment bakla, ang dali mo naman nakaabot ng 50 bucks, ako nag stagnat sa 7 lng hehehehe. may Pr ka kasi kaya siguro daming task. Happy for you bakla, may pangshopping na naman. lol

  8. wow congrats! buti ka pa dami mo sigurong nakukuhang opp sa kanila...siguro gusto nila un may PR.

  9. hala sis grattis oi! ask lang ko..i started already to bid-bid aside from invitation. can we bid as much as we want? after bidding do they have to send invitation of approval?

    hehhe..nahan ko!


  10. hep hep horray! galing talaga ng manang proud of you sis....:)

    buti kapa umabot na sa 50 yung kita mo....ehehhehe....great job manang ko...mwah!

  11. wowww.. congrats rose and more to come..

  12. one day I will join in, naririnig ko nga tong linkblog na to eh

  13. buti ka pa may payment na; ako nakakuha ng opps eh, bayad ba naman eh $1 lang so di na ako nag ga grab ng opps sa kanila.

  14. oh, wow, sign up nga ako and see the details how to earn through Link fromBlog.. congrats!!!galing naman.


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