Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunday BBQ with friends

Before the summer is over, we have decided to grill some BBQ and invite some Korean friends over. We only have five guests but we really had fun especially the kids. Here's the pork ribs BBQ. I marinated it overnight and boil it in the morning before we grill it. It tasted so good!
Hubby also grilled some Bubba burger patties and hotdogs for the kids.
I also boiled some corn on a cob. It's a frozen corn from bird's eye brand but it tasted fresh and very sweet. We always buy a pack or two of it.
Hubby baked a pan of brownies.
And I made some pancit.
We also made fruit salad.
Here's Rylie's new found friend In Na.
With Amy, Sun He, Mia, and Kevin.
The kids, they had so much fun playing inside and outside the house.
We walk them down to the gate after the sumptuous meal.
Thanks for visiting us guys and we are happy that you like the food we served you. Thanks for the kimchi you brought us guys and for the flowers.


  1. How did you spend your weekend guys? Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hello rose!
    Ang sarap talaga ng B-B-Q...matagal na rin akong di nakakain nito.
    ang pansit mo,mukhang pilipino talaga ang dating.
    at ang bahay n'yo nasa mataas pala na lugar?

  3. Wow, wow, wow, your barbecued spareribs look so delicious and yummy. I could almost drool over it. Your Korean friends are very fortunate that they have friends like you who cook so well and invite them over your house for such a sumptuous dinner. And the children enjoyed their young visitors too. I wish we are neighbors so I can savor your delectable fares, hehehe, lol. Thanks for the mouth watering post. God bless you always.

  4. makagutom man Buds! I love the sweetcorn the most...hehhehe...

  5. oh my... drooling here... nagutom ako lalo na ang pancit..sarap naman..

  6. i like the BBQ and the corn in a cob.. yum yum.. meron pa ba dyan rose? hehehe.. i am hungry looking at your pics..lolzz..

    our weekend was just ordinary. we went to the pool to have a splash and that's it. the rest, we spent it at home doing some cleaning.

    have a good week

  7. The food are really mouth-watering. I wish I can enter the monitor and eat all of those, hehe. :)

  8. Ang SAYA atang SARAP naman ng buhay ninyo diya bakla. And dami mong friends at ang sasarap ng mga pagkain buti hinod ka tumataba sa mga ganyan kasarap na pagkain ano. Haaaay aptikim namn diya, ikain mo ako ng marami then tell when to swallow them. naglalaway ako sa bbq,bihon,lahat ng handa ninyodiyan parang fiesta ahhh.

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful day and the food looked so yummy!

  10. woi sis makikikain din ako dito ha...sarap ng handa nyo ah...very yummylicious...may LO's pa ba jan? hehehhehe!

  11. Wow!!What a lot of foodies!!A food parade at your home--pwedeng makikain dyan?^_^

    Nag-malling lang kami last weekend,maulan na dito ngayon sa Japan eh!!(T_T)

  12. that bbq looks yummy, paano mo ba ginawa yan, Rose? yung brownie makakapaglaway din :-).

  13. sa unang bbq na natakam agad ako...sarap ng pansit pinoy na pinoy ang dating..ang saya saya!

  14. Your food looks so yummy, you sure did have a lot of different kinds. I always enjoy coming by and seeing your pictures, thanks for sharing your fun day and thank you for coming by.

  15. Nakakagutom naman ng post mo Rose 'm drooling out here lol
    I'm sure your guess did enjoyed a lot.I can see it in here :D

  16. I was drooling on that pork ribs, yummmmm! I am glad that you had so much fun with your friends. Winter time is coming and fun time will be limited. Have a great week to you and your family.-

  17. makapaghanap nga ng makain, nagutom tuloy ako! lol

  18. aray ko rose... ginutom naman ako ulit! katatapos ko lang maglunch. ahuhuhu. kain nalang ulit. hehe. sarap kasi ng nasa photos eh. hehe.

    ay, na add ko na ang Etcetera Etcetera, Rose's Obstacles and Glories and Nostalgic Marveling (Our Clan's Marveling) sa tatlong blogs ko. pakicheck naman kung you have all three blogs ko (Ovah' Coffee, Health and Home Pages and The Pastime Shelf) sa blogrolls mo. thank you very very much rose! hugs and kisses to you and your cute angels. mwah

  19. I would like to have like this bonding of friends at the house with husband Manang Rose, I hope one day.. hehehhe.. that's an awesome experience or bonding moment..



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