Sunday, September 13, 2009

the Grass Hopper

When my husband mowed the grass last weekend, my son wanted to go out with him. So of course, I have to be out there and watch my ornery fella. I've seen a grass hopper and hold it in my arm. Surprisingly the little greeny did not try to hop. When my daughter got done taking shower, she went out without brushing her hair and took the grass hopper and hold it for a long time.
The little booger pooped in my arm lol..

My kids are very fascinated with insects and other little creatures that surrounds us.
Her she is blissfully entertained with the crawling GH..
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. hindi ba siya nakikiliti?

    thanks for leaving your traces Rose, I'm in the process of puttign back all my friend slink in my page nangawala kasi eh nong magpalit ako ng template, I will put your other blogs too.

  2. My kids specially my youngest loves insects too.

  3. My kiddos loves insects and small creatures,too!!^_^

  4. Chubs, pareho sila ni Khalil ko lahat ng insekto inaampon kaya lahat ng garapon ko sa bahay ubos na. hehe

    Amaze talaga daughter mo sa grasshopper. :)

  5. hehhehe..GH....:) kakatuwa naman..nako sis kung si akesha....iindak na yan sa takot....she will be screaming and calling...."papa, papa kill the bug"

  6. your little princess is brave ... not afraid of the grasshopper. other kids will scream with fright! ;)

    it's kinda funny about the poop! lol

  7. wow galing ni Rylie di natakot.
    i never seen grasshopper in sweden. ewan ko ba kung mayron during summer?

  8. Mga batang fil am talaga naaliw sa mga insekto, di tulad sa atin na baliwala lng sa sobrang dami ng insekto sa palibot hehehe. Sa mga bata pa yan sa ating malayong isang minuto RIP na yang grasshopper na yan diba bakla hahaha. Ang ganda na mn ng dalaginding mo hindi na chubs waaaa. happy week ahead vaklosh mwah to you and the makukulit mong chubby diyan.

  9. nice! talagang close to nature mga kids. haha, at di sila takot even sa insect like grasshopper.

  10. Wow, amazing..None of my kids will be thrilled to see insects. Roan is even afraid of ants, Wrozlie and Alexandra are so scared of anything that flies. Basically, they love animals with 4 legs, but not insects. I don't like anything that crawls.


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