Friday, September 18, 2009

Ribbit Ribbit

Yesterday was one froggie afternoon. My husband took our little ones at the play area beside our house and they saw this lovely frog. My husband came running inside the house to get the camera. The kids had so much fun watching it.
I wonder if he would turn into a prince hehehe..
Here's our burritos having a glory watching the exhibitions that the frog was doing.
My husband said that Mr. Froggie leaped in EJ's shirt and he freaked out a little bt. Hubby wasn't able to take a picture because EJ got scared.
This one was taken a couple of weeks ago when we were watering our plants. I am not sure if he is the same frog that they saw yesterday but they look the same hehehe..

Alrighty guys, have a FRoggie day, ribbit ribbit!


  1. Your cute kids enjoyed watching the froggie.

    I think they are different frogs. The first has black marks on its back.

  2. tagal ko na rin di nakakakita ng palaka..wala kasi dito sa lupang buhangin.

  3. ehehehe!na-fake ako doon a.akala sa unang photo ay napakalaki...ang liit lang pala.

    tanong ko lang tokaya, ganoon ba talaga pag nagpalit ng domain...will start from scratch?nawala kase page rank ko pati alexa ranking ko bumaga.
    thanks in advance.

  4. Asus, napakaliit pala ng froggie na yan akala ko pa naman humungous size na frog. hindi pa yan maging prince siguro bakla kasi bata pa marami pang putik sa bibig heheheheheheh.

    Im sure you will miss that place pag makabalik na kayo sa tate bakla ang dami pa lng playground diyan. di tulad dito that you have to drivepa to get to the playground tapos ang ina walang know how to drive, uuuussseeeless.

    Iba iba talaga siguro angskin ngfrog sa ibang bansa ano, kasi ang fromsa atin parang may kakaibang skin sa from na yan. korean frog yan kaya makinis rin ang skin waaa.

  5. hahahha....ribbit cute naman.....:)

    woi sis easy access pala kayo sa playground jan ano.....bongga...parang pag-aari na rin yung buong playground....:)

    love joops shirt....:)

  6. LOL! that's the loveliest froggie i've ever seen! i always see those wrinkled green-blacks.

    your kids seem to be very amused!

  7. I have a thank you note for you..

  8. talagang di mo pinalagpas ang moment na ito ano? pati palaka kinunan mo rin, salamat sa dalaw at nag enjoy naman ang mga kids mo dito

  9. Busy yata ang ulirang inang bakla today ahh na late sa MM hehehe.

    Thanks sa mga comments bakla. Btw, yung walang size na badge pwedi mo mapaliit bakla, i click mo lng yang rich text right side sa ibabaw. Tapos i drag mo ang side the pics, then ibalik mo sa "html" para makita mo ang size then you can easily change the wigth and height just like the other para magkapareho ang size lahat ng badges.

    thanks sa tutorial sa link
    gamit ko na dito hehehe smooches to your kiddos balik ako later check sa latest

    Blog Fusion
    Worths Road
    Simple Happy Life

  10. ribbit, ribbit pala tunog ng palaka dyan nyahaha cute...takot ako sa palaka Rose, kadiri pag nadikit sa balat mo nyahhahaha.

  11. All I thought the frog looks so big hahaha... I was so wrong bec its so itsy bitty in size.

    Glad to see these kind of pictures from your kids..the smile on their face being captured by camera...its priceless.

  12. i agree sa ibang nag fake din ako akala ko malaki hehehe...pero nice photo..great shot...
    nakakatuwa naman ang mga cute na chikitings.
    buti at hindi sila takot ke kokak ^_^

  13. Your kids really had a grand time with the frog. Frogs are harmless and they are very playful too. It's just regrettable that EJ freaked out when the frog jumped into his shirt. Who would not if you are just a two year old boy. Thanks for the homey post. God bless you always.

  14. Kokak kokak sa Pinas,ribbit ribbit sa Amerika,kero kero naman sa hapon lol!!^_^ Cute!!

  15. Hahahaha nag enjoy ako sayo Clang, kero kero pala sa hapon hehehe..

  16. Ang cute naman.I'm back I hope so..hoping na hindi na maging busy.Thank God Nanay is okay now.her recovery is perfect talaga.Thanks!

  17. Ang cute naman.I'm back I hope so..hoping na hindi na maging busy.Thank God Nanay is okay now.her recovery is perfect talaga.Thanks!

  18. mga anak ko rin mahilig sa mga ganoon. minsan mayron nakatira sa plant pot namin and every night the frog made a froggy noise. but now the frog is gone because our dogs frightened them and

  19. hehe ang cute ng mga kids playing froggy.

  20. The kids are enjoying the show.. I am amazed, the frog is soooooooo little.. hehehe!

  21. wow ang cute ng frog.. unique ng color..

  22. wow ang cute ng frog.. unique ng color..


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