Saturday, September 12, 2009

Let's Wear our Hats

It is the last day of the weekdays guys and this only means one thing "Mommy Moments" fun entries. The theme this week is Hat Day. We have a lot of those, here are some of the photos I was able to dug out from our many folders. Enjoy guys, I put so much effort on it lol..
Our future sailor wearing his Dad's hat.
At our home in West Virginia.
When Rylie was five months old with those chubby legs and creative hat lol..
Last year's winter.

Last Summer. In the mood for modeling..
An outfit and hat made by my sister in law Chris.
This is what EJ always does when I am folding clothes lol, being ornery.

I think she was only 3 to 4 months old here.
When we went to Idelewild Park in Pittsburgh (2006)

Outfit made by Chris too.
Our gardener..
Last year's 4rth of July Celebration.

And my last two finale entries (to add a little twist and spice). My dear Dad Jennings.. That's how humurous John's family is. This was taken during Rylie's 2nd birthday.
Also taken during Rylie's second birthday. My sister-in-law Chris.. There you have it guys.
Whew, I got tired digging those pictures actually. We have a lot of folders already and I can't remember which is which lol.. TGIF everyone!


  1. P.S.

    Thanks for your visit and comments guys! Have a safe and fruitful weekend!

  2. haha.. so many pictures!! :D

    happy hat day :D happy weekend!

  3. woooowww!!! ka cute oi! every pics is so beautiful see specially your children are soosssososo cutie and adorable! Happy Mommy moments! I'll post mine later;)

  4. Hi Rose! Late na dito 12:30 a.m. na but blog hopping pa rin, nakakalibang naman kasi magbasa sa blogs mo... pinapasyalan ko lahat yan ^_^

  5. as always, your kids are so adorable, Rose!

  6. your kids are so adorable very pretty talaga ang baby girl mo mommy. Bagay talaga mag modeling...

  7. Whahahaha nag ienjoy ako sa entry mo bakla. Ang dami kayang masasayang moment with the hats, may isang hats si rylie na parang spider man parang basket ata yun. may hat si joops mo with underware which is reminded me of jake recently when he grab justines underware and put it on his head. My mga funny hats ang mga in laws mo with fruit basket ba yun at salbabida hahahahaha.

    At and cute ng mga hats ni rye mo very girly...ish talaga and so your joops lalaking lalaki. Of course mawawala ba ang sweet na mag asawa sa picture picture with hats. I love your family bakla ang saya at ang ganda.

    Thanks for sharing all this bakla, tata!

  8. Haha. They're all so cute even gramps and grandma.

    Thanks for dropping by...

  9. I love Rylie's modeling photo, napaka natural ng dating, pwedeng pwede na talagang mag model!

  10. wow! wow! rylie is so pretty in her modelling attire. and what is that creative hat? haha. nice photos! ganda ng family pic, summer talaga. wonderful family!

  11. Wow! I love all the photos! A family of gorgeous hat wearers :) Have a great weekend, sis. My entry is up too.

  12. I love all these pictures! Everyone's having fun.

  13. Pretty and cool hats. Lovely kids and grannies.

  14. all the pics manang ko...lalo na yung si EJ...hehehhe..very ornery indeed....kakatawa....:) thanks for sharing....:)

  15. I enjoyed looking at all these pictures. Ang dami! You really exerted an effort uploading all of them here. Thanks for commenting on my entry, too.

  16. Ang poporma ng mga hats! bagay na bagay sa iyong mga supling! Your kids are so adorable plus the genuine hats of their lolo and tita ;)

  17. Great pictures Rose, it's worth the digging. Rylie is such a beautiful girl. And your in-laws are very humorous, I love it. You have a wonderful family.

  18. as usual ate, enjoy ako sa mga photos mo...sulit at hindi nakakabitin hehe... Rylie is one of my favorite kids online, i mean her photos, she just knows how to smile infront of a camera.. sana makapag-pose sya sakin someday (lol feeling photographer)..

    Same as EJ, so funny heheh... im sure comedian din sya sa family mo., mana sa lolo

  19. just hopping around...nice pics...cuties! =)

  20. awww, your kids are just adorable momi

  21. awww, your kids are just adorable momi

  22. yeahhh daming picture... pang model talaga ang dating ni rylie...

    love them all mommy rose...thanks for sharing

  23. ang galing ng mga hats, lalong lalo na yung naka pink ang princess mo... she is super cute talaga... pacontest ba to? panalong panalo na tong mg apics mo... ang little sialor mo lalo

  24. Ahaha!!Pati sila granny hindi pahuhuli.I love Rylies photos doing her modeling mood & I was really lol on EJ's unique hat,while you're folding those clothes so funny!:D

  25. hahahahaa!!kaka-enjoy naman ang mga pics ng mga grannies nila!!sa kanila siguro nagmana ang pagiging comedian ni EJ!!\(^0^)/

    Have a blissful Sunday to you and your family,Ate Rose!!^_^

  26. wow ang daming hat entries. your kids will pass for hat models ang ku-cute nila.

    thanks pala for saying that you like my parenting style. kakataba ng puso 'yan. pero just like any other moms may mga shortcomings din like what I said sa recent entry ko. kahinaan naming mag-ina ang Math. haist. hehe

  27. so many pictures with hats on. i like ej's! i love rylie's summer picture posing like a super model.


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