Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Independence: Rylie's first taste of it!

ur daughter is growing up so fast. When we enrolled her for one week Vacation Bible Study three weeks ago, I thought for sure that it would just last for a day or two. But to our surprise, she finished the whole program. The place where they held the even was an an hour and a half drive from here so we figured that she would get bored. I am amazed that she handled her first taste of independence very well. When I was a kid, I never wanted to be away from my mother but I guess my daughter got the independence trait from her Dad.The lady who was in-charged of the children told me that Rylie was very attentive and cooperative especially on group activities. During the second day, my husband was the volunteer driver for the vehicle so he was able to take some photos and was able to witness how she dealt with the situation.

Sometimes, it gives me a scary feeling that one day my daughter won't need me anymore. She is so independent and wants to learn things very eagerly. Right now, she learned how to make her bed and sometimes would wake us up in morning just so she could also make our bed hehehe. She also learned how to properly wash her hair so she doesn't want me to help her in bathing.

When she went home, she brought us the things that she made and the stuff that she got from attending the event.
Her recycled art (a turtle)

She got a religious musical disc so she plays it here everyday, now she knows the lyrics of most of the songs and teaches her brother the dance steps.

She also got a certificate..
I put all of these in here memory box. Do you do that too. I have a box where I put their memorable stuff.

Thanks for visiting folks, have a nice day! May God bless us all always!


  1. Oh I did not realized that it is twelve midnight here already, I have to go to bed now folks. I wasn't able to update my blogs today because I was checking on Hubby and the kids.

    Thanks a lot for your comments!

  2. thats a big lady :)
    I'm so proud of her

  3. We always say its a good thing though that our kids learn how to be independent early pero nakakamiss ano, mag alaga sa kanil. Ang laki na ng rylie mo bakla, soon she will be going to school at ikaw nlng mag isa diyan kasi mag dadaycare din si EJ boy mo. Ahhh she is so lovely. You are lucky bakla to have a smart, good girl like rylie. ang galing ng magpapalaki ninyong mag asawa, thumbs up for you both.

  4. Kung pwede nga lang wag na lang silang lumaki para palagi na lang silang nasa tabi natin eh!^_^being independence is a sign that they're growing up and they grow up so fast!!!

  5. Well, maghanda kana lang mommy Rose kasi sa susunod may suitor na pala...hahaha...just want to make you smile....

    i like that idea with the box ...and besides, your little girl likes it that way too right

  6. Sa aking kabataan,nung VBS sa simbahan namin,ay naku...ang naaalala ko,ang mga story sa bible na pagkaganda ganda,at ang mga kantang napakasaya.

  7. wow she's becoming older and wiser.
    I missed blogging already.

  8. Wow, she really is growing so fast and independent for her momma. You are so lucky to have a child as good and behaved as she is. It's the upbringing too you know. You and John are doing a great job raising her..Take care.

  9. I love the pictures specially the one with her Dad, very cute. I could imagine her so excited to show off what she got from school hehe.

  10. Hello there,Ate Rose!!Nakalimutan kong today pala ang start ng class ni Wakaba,buti na lang pinaalala sa akin ni Yochan( hubby)!!I'll try to visit you again to read your posts.

  11. Wala pang update ang bakla dito busy siguro sa dalawang makukulit.
    BTW bading, I have a question, lumalabas ba ang comment ko sa bravejournal na blog mo? parang hindi ko nakikita comments ko after I left comments in your other blog.

  12. Hello rose thnks for always visiting my blog kahit walang new post. busy kasi kaya wala pang time to post new entry. but still here paying you back.
    BTW ang laki ng ni rylie mukhang dalaga na. ok yong sinisave nyo yong mga mga memorable stuffs niya, para pag malaki na siya she can admire everything.
    Kami rin ni hubby almost everything sinisave namin, with label on it. From his birth until now. hubby also made a book for Erik telling everything his progress. We will give it to erik when he actually could read and understand everything.

  13. oh, i almost missed this post. wether we like it not, sooner, or even before you knew it, fully independent na sila. ganyan ka bilis, kahit ako minsan nagugulat. but thats good for her. kaya lang tayong mga mom, ganyan talaga pakiramdam. minsan nasa-sad ako pag sinasabi ng daughter ko, "wag mo na ko sunduin, kaya ko na." pkiramdam ko nababawasan pagiging mommy ko, pero un ung independency na talagang dapat matutunan. siguro nga because ganito ang mga pinoy unlike other western countries na bata palang independent na.

  14. ganito talaga, there will come a time that our kids won't need us to take care of their stuffs, and they want to do their things on their own =( kaya ngayon baby palang si ANZU, ineenjoy ko na talaga kasi ngayon lang to. Kaya pansin mo, OA na ko kung minsan lol..

    But you know, you're so lucky, or maybe maganda pagpapalaki nyo kaya Rylie is such a good and smarty daughter. Pretty pa... pa-hug

  15. so nice naman nag enjoyed si Rylie sa school. she is smart and very independent little girl. that is good because by the time that she will be spending full time in school, you have no problem with her rose. in david's class until this time mayron pang umiiyak.i am glad that david learned his independence early.when he was in pre-school,independent na siya..

    hugs to the kids


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