Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For my Husband

Hand and Hand You and I travel
through life together

There are times when the road stretches out before us
and its easy to find our way.
There are times when we have to choose a new path
and we make our decision together.
There are times when we get weary,
and we pull each other through..
Hand in hand we've come along way
I am so proud of US, and I look forward
to each new step we take ---- TOGETHER!

I love you Hon, thanks for all the understanding, love and care that you bestowed on me.


  1. I love you too and I thank God everyday that I have found you!

  2. Very beautiful wedding photos! I like them all :o)

  3. Happy anniversary. God bless.
    Both of you are blooming here in your wedding picture. So in love with each other.

  4. so sweet naman nyong dalawa...sowe talaga sis ha..dko kau na greet....Happy Anniversary...wish you more blessings to come...way to go! cheeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrsssssssssss!

  5. Happy Anniversary :) So sweet wedding pictures.


  6. wow HAppy Anniversary.. You're meant for each other. Its like a Princess met her Prince Charming.. bagay kayo ate, goodlooking -)

  7. Nice photos; thanks for sharing and of course, Happy Anniversary!

  8. Happy anniversary, Rose! Wishing your family good health and more blessings. God bless you!

  9. aaaaww. this is so sweet! Happy Birthday to your hubby dearest! may he have a long and joyful life filled with good health and great friends.

    Thank you too for always visiting my blog. I really appreciate it, Momi Rose

  10. wishing you all the happiness in life.. happy anniversary!

  11. Grabe talaga ang sweetness ng lovebirds na ito, nakakainggit. ang bongga ng kasal nyo tsang, i wish i could wear one someday. Best wishes for both you and more loveeeee on your marriage, i hope more baby too hehehe just kidding. Well you two should have more baby coz you have such pretty and handsome kids. so spread the pretty kids multiply lol.

  12. very lovely wedding photos and nice wedding gown too.

    happy anniversary and many many more to come..


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