Friday, December 4, 2009

Family Members

Yippppppppeeee, it is Friday once again! I call this day a family happy moment in blogland. The theme for this week is "Part of the Family." The people below are the family members that our children are very fond of.
mommy moments
This is Raquel, she is a Bicolana who lives in West Virginia. She is the only Filipina that our family are very close with. My father-in-law treats her like he treats me. She is EJ's godmother and she loves them dearly. Even if we are not in WV, she always visits Dad. Thanks so much manay!
Taken in front of their house. She lives close by Dad's house.

This is Pap Pooch, my father-in-law. He love our kids very much. He cried when we left and every time we call him, he always tell us that he can't wait till we come back.

This is Yami and Bhim, they are my late brother's daughters. Rylie calls them Ate and regard them as her sisters.
The sisters...
Here's my sister in law Crystal. Our kids call her Tita Chris. She love kids and she love our children. She is like their second mother. She love making them costumes, clothes, and give them lots of toys all the time.

At Weirton Medical Center.
@ chucky cheese..

This is Shelby, Chris' grand daughter from her daughter Jen. Shelby is Rylie's very first friend.Halloween 2007, she was dressed as an old woman.
She is also EJ's favorite playmate and horsey hehehe
Shelby is 25% Korean because her dad is Half Korean and half American.
Everytime she is with us, people will ask if she is my daughter too.
Alright Mommies, that is my chubba luvins for the day! Thanks for the peek and for your comments. have a nice day!


  1. Your DD Rylie and shelby have a big similarity that's why people ask you is she is your daughter too. :)
    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos and also for visiting my entry. Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

  2. I love the pic with the gramps. Im sure he misses the the kids. Lovely family!

  3. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I enjoy seeing them.

    Your kids are blessed to have so many close family relatives.

  4. very nice pictures, Rose :-); am sure they couldn't wait to see you all guys, malapit!

  5. Malapit na kayong umuwi sa Paps nyo--I'm sure miss na miss nya na kayo at ng mga bata!!You have a very wonderful family,Ate Rose and so blessed!!^_^

    Happy Mommy Moments,Ate Rose!!My kids are looking at the photos,too.Tuwang tuwa lol!!\(^0^)/

    Family day uli this weekend--buti na lang at di kami magtatanim sa bukid ngayong sabado at linggo lol!!Happy weekend,Ate Rose!!^_^

  6. Your family is surrounded with grest, loving people (as family and friends). I noticed in evry entry of our fellow MM moms, you'll never really go wrong with close family ties.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. You should pay dear Grandpa more visits :-) I love all the photos and your story. Hugs, Rose! Happy MM.

  8. I could never get enough of your pictures. Tuwang tuwa at aliw na aliw ako sa mga pictures nyo. Shelby is also gorgeous, a splitting image of Aiko Melendez when she was younger. Thanks for the wonderful post. God bless you always.

  9. wow, sarap naman view all the pics.. a picture of a close family. yung lolo, talagang na-miss mga apo niya..

  10. Great pictures Rose..Your kids seem to be loved by many. I know because they are great kids.

  11. nalingaw ko sa imo family photos, and sana mg exchaange links ta sa ako new na blog :P

  12. hehehe, sorry sabi ko "nalibang ako tumingin sa photos ng family mo hehehe..add ko na rin ito now tc :P

  13. Kahilakon ko tanaw sa Grandpa na photo coz my Tatay passed away na and lana sila kasapon ila grandpa.tulo na jud ako luha.

  14. its great to see these pics.. :) thanks for sharing!

  15. Buti ka pa baklosh, may friend na pinay sa WV, may kachicka chika pag nalulungkot at kapag nagugutom may matatakbuhan ng LO hehehehe. Ang ganda ng family ninyo bakla napaka close, hindi ganyn mag laro mga cousin ni jake, kay minsan si jake nahihiya sa kanila. I love the picture tsang, ganda ng baklitang sister ko, kahit kapapanganak smile na kaagad.

  16. Your family is so beautiful! Thank you for stopping by my blog and following :) I am following you now too.

  17. i love those pictures you posted especially the ones with his grandpa - you captured one precious moment. :)

  18. ang sweet pala ni FIL noh! ^_^ nakaka touch naman ang mga sweet words nya..kakatuwa ang pics mo lalo na un naka dress ng lola..i like her huge butt hehhee...shake it! heheh ^_^ joke lang.

  19. You can just see the love in everyone's eyes! You are lucky to have so many loving people in your life.

  20. i love the pics thanks for sharing

  21. waaah! hindi ako nakasali ngayon sa mommy moments. nakalimutan ko.busy kase ako nitong week na ito e kaya hindi rin ako nakapag-bloghop.grabe na pagkaulyanin ko.hirap ng tuma!

  22. Isn't it comforting to know that there are a good number of people who love our kids so much? Here's my entry:

  23. I love seeing every photos in here Rose,specially the halloween in 2007.Happy Mommy Moments.'missed you!

  24. wow goodlooking family talaga hehe..

  25. Ang gaganda ng mga photos ninyo ng members ng family at mga family friends ninyo. Parang sa Pinas din na merong extended family. Ang bait naman ng kababayan ninyo na kapitbahay ninyo sa West Virginia. Natitingnan niya ang biyenan mo. Napakabait din ng biyenan mo na mahal na mahal ang mga apo niya sa iyo. Yung kaibigan ninyong half American/half Korean ay kamukha ni Aiko Melendez nung bata pa ito. Pag napunta yan sa Pinas eh pwede ring magartista katulad ng mga Koreanang sina Sandara Park at Kim Chu. Thanks for the post and wonderful photos. God bless you all always.


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