Friday, December 4, 2009

My flowers back home

I took these photos when we were still in the States. These are just some of the flowers that I miss back home. I am glad that we are going back in four days, yippppe. We will be flying back to the States in Tuesday.
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  1. wow! those are the pictures that you post are such fantastic.. wow! awesome..

  2. Base ako weee!

    Maganda at kakaibang mga bulaklak...

    kagiliw giliw hehehe...

  3. Ang gaganda nga nang mga bulaklak ninyo, napakatitingkad ang kulay. Maganda yung kulay yellow. Yellowbell ba yun? Alam kong sobrang excited na kayo sa pagalis nyo diyan at pagbalik sa US. Von voyage na lang and may the Lord protect you all in your voyage. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. Weee!!Malapit na kayong umuwi,Ate Rose!!Take care and have a safe flight!!Love the flowers--abot dito ang bango nya!!^_^

  5. Gorgeous lilies and beautiful flowers.

  6. I love your flowers bakla, green thumb ka talaga ano bakla. Pahingi ng bulaklak na yan itanim ko sa front porch namin next spring hehe.

    Sorry ngayon lng ang bakla nakadalaw, ang haba ng byahe namin we just got home last night tapos may konting snowflakes pa while were on the road, so ang lamig at nakakapagod kaya knockef out kaagad. thanks sa mga visits and comments. hows your thanksgiving? wow 4 days to go, excited na siguro family ninyo dito. im excited too bakla kasi preho na tayo ng time hehe

  7. Beautiful flowers, lovely colours!

  8. Lovely series of flowers and have a happy trip.

  9. Beautiful photos of your lilies.

    I wish you a good return!

  10. You must have such a lovely garden with these gorgeous blooms!

  11. Those are beautiful flowers. I love the yellow ones. THey are so cheerful.

  12. Nice lilies, Rose! they will multiply so you'll have more to enjoy next year.
    Have a safe trip back here in the US!

  13.'ll soon be united with these beautiful flowers sis Rose...

    the last photo..ung flower ay parang lily...ang ganda..

    thanks for visiting mine

  14. Hi Rose!

    hmmm.. na late ako sa TF hehehe... guest na late....

    Nice flowers Rose..

  15. those are gorgeous manang ko...:)

    have a safe trip ok.....ingat po kau.....miss you!

  16. i love those flowers Rose. In fact I have some in my garden. I will have to post some that blooms early..thanks for sharing


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