Friday, December 4, 2009

Fun way to capture a smile

Our internet will be disconnected tomorrow and we will be transferring to the barracks for two nights till our flight on Wednesday. I want to leave you this fun way of capturing EJ's smile. Thanks for the visit and comments guys!
As I have mentioned before, my son seldom smiles in front of the camera unless you chase him. Here are some of them while he was playing with the rope.
See, he was telling me "take a picture of me Mom."


  1. totally fun! barracks pala kau mag antay sis....feel ko na ready na lahat ang bagahe nyo ah....have a safe trip!

  2. wow, the baby is swaying with happiness.. awesome..

  3. hello Mommy Rose, ayan nakita ko na ang napakamahal na smile ni Ej.. ang cute2x..

  4. takbo takbo hwag kang pahabol kay mommy hehehhe nice capture girl, ang ganda ng smile ni EJ

  5. EJ in action pala yan bakla hehehe. Kakatuwa tingnan ang isang makulit na =to, parang si jake ko rin. Have a good flight sa inyong lahat bakla.

  6. I watch again EJ moment dito bakla hehehe. nakakatuwa siya tingnan, aliw na aliw sa sarili lol. Have a safe trip bakla.

  7. He's a keeper. A beautiful child. You must be so proud.

  8. Nakakatuwa si EJ. Nakakapaglalaro maski magisa. Medyo moody nga lang, palagi nang nakasimangot, hehehe, lol. Anyway, makakalakihan din niya ang pagiging bad mood niya lalo pa kapag nahilig na sa sports. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  9. nag e enjoy talaga si EJ. it makes me smile too looking at EJ so happy and with big smiles..hehehe


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