Monday, September 21, 2015

Best Times at Hershey Park

Now that we are getting the peak of the summer towards the end of the season, the kidswsh we could go back one more time at Hershey Park.  They did have a fun time out there.  
 The water park is their most favorite part of iur  trip there.
 I think the  salt water tuffy was the sweetest display.  Everything arounbd Hershey Park loks sweet anyway.
 Here's someone  peeking at me while I was  taking somephotos.   We let them run around on this park freely until they were turning purple lol.
 So glad we were able to  broguht them somewhere  fun before their summer break was over.
We faced  obstacles with our  plan this year but we turned around and   did  some  stuff .


  1. Cool place to spend time with the family. I am sure your kids had a lot of fun, gauging by their smiles! Beautiful!

  2. Waterparks are always fun! It's nice that your kids love swimming so much! That's very good exercise for them.

  3. Great pics sis! Nice way to enjoy the last hoorah of summer :) Welcome Autumn and next, winter!

  4. Awesome memories, the only thing we didn't do during our visi't at Hershey's is to get inside the park, i hope the next visit will definitely get the park visit.

  5. Such a fun place for everyone, especially for the kids! This reminds me of a hotel we've visited in Cebu that has a similar water park.


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