Monday, September 21, 2015

Private Jet Charter Travel Safety Criteria

So many people are concerned about their safety when flying. In fact one of the reasons that many people choose not to try out a private jet charter is that they are afraid that these are not as safe as flying with a commercial airline. Sadly most do not understand or can not believe that flying in a plane is safer than riding in a car. There are actually less fatalities from air travel then from automobile travel. Today people are hiring charters for their travel around the globe.
There are many things that you will appreciate if you are concerned with safety. One of these is that with a private charter you can call and talk to someone who is actually willing to talk to you about safety inspections and safety ratings. Since charter companies are actually trying to get your business, they are more willing to talk to you at length about this information. In addition the charter plane companies can walk you through information about the pilot who is going to be flying the aircraft.

Now you should also know about all of the actual criteria that these companies adhere to in order to be able to fly. One great way to make sure that you are flying with a safe option is to look for a charter company that has been certified through the ARG/US.

Safety Certifications Through the ARG/US

Control of Operations

One of the things that the ARG/US checks out is the operational control of a flight. This means that you are actually flying with the pilot in the aircraft that you paid for. If this were not in place then it would be possible for the companies to broker out your flights. If this happens you might not have a realistic picture of the safety standards. You can look for a company that has been certified with the ARG/US.

Check Safety Records

The ARG/US also manages the safety records for the charter company. If you ask to see this record it can be easily produced for you. One of the best things about this type of certification is that it updates these records immediately on a regular basis. You are not going to have to worry about getting old information that could be outdated. This is something that can be very reassuring when you are worried about possible safety issues.

The Experience Level of the Pilot with This Type of Aircraft

One thing that many people do not realize is that generally when you are asking about a pilot's experience, you are being given their entire flight experience. This does not mean that all of the experience was in the particular type of aircraft that you will be flying in. This certification offers you real answers to this issue on experience level and let you know how much experience they have with this type of aircraft.

All of the Pilot's Qualifications

Another thing that you will find is all of the different ratings, types of ratings, and certifications that the pilot has. This will spell everything out for you so that you know exactly how the pilot is qualified to fly the aircraft.

Any Infractions of the Pilot

Finally you will also be able to see if there have been any infractions of the pilot. These include if the pilot has had any accidents, any enforcement actions, or infractions. You will be able to tell if the pilot has ever been in trouble for anything before.

With so many ways to be assured that you are going to be safe with a private jet charter flight, there is no reason to assume that it is not as safe as a commercial option.

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