Saturday, June 20, 2009

Walkathon Thursday

It's been a while since I work out in the Gym, whew, too busy blogging lol. Before my husband went back to work yesterday, he asked me if I could bring the kids outside so they could play for a while. I decided that instead of playing in the play area, I took them for a walk all the way down to my husband's work.

The heat of the sun was so intense yesterday that I was sweating even if I took shower before we left. The kids were having fun because I was running and walking (alternately) while pushing the kids on a stroller. I had my exercise yesterday.
It took us 45 minutes before we arrived at hubby's work (yup, its far). His boss told me "You must be very bored that you walked all the way down here".

I was going to take the kids in this area because I saw the ocean but I wasn't sure if we are allowed to go there so we went straight to Daddy's work.

I stopped running when I noticed that they were both silent, they were already asleep lol..
But anyhow, when we got to hubby's work, he took us at the back of their office where there are a lot of frogs. My daughter had a blast watching the froggies.

We've waited for EJ to wake up so he could see the frogs too.

I was going to walk back home but hubby decided to drive us home since it was time for him to get off from work too.Have a nice day everyone!


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts guys, greatly appreciate it!

  2. Global warming...that's why it was hot. What more to say in our country, it is already hot, and the global warming makes it even hotter.

  3. that is fantastic, walkign is fun, I used to do it a lot too when my kids were still young, I kinda miss pushing strollers coz I used to get lots of exercise walking and pushing them to shopping in my suburbs... hayyy naku nakakamiss talaga lol inggit ako sa you hehehe

  4. your kids are so adorable.I enjoy watching their pictures...I am sure you enjoyed the walk and the kids too..

  5. i had fun reading this post. ur kids are cuties. . .

  6. Ang gaganda ng mga anak mo rose. mukhang si mommy at daddy lng nag lalakad diyan ahh kasi ang dalawa nakasakay sa kanilang stroler hehehe. walkathon for mommy and daddy heheh

  7. kaya palan very slim ka mads ta cge mo dalagan...kung igwang running priest igwa man na running

  8. Wow, what an exercise that was. You got your heavy exercise and your kids enjoyed your stroll too. Nice that both you and John believe in a healthy lifestyle. I'm sure your kids will pick that up too and they will grow to be healthy individuals. You seem to be having a good time almost all of the time. Thanks for the memorable photos, they really make my day. God bless you all.

  9. thanks for sharing Mommy. Have a great weekend.

  10. Walking is good & for a change instead of bringing them to play area.Thanks for the visit & for following my site as well,gonna you too so that I can followyou either.Cute ng mga kids mo mommy.Happy Sunday!

  11. I had fun being with you inside that Naval Base in Korea.ha ha ha! feeling ko kasi kasama ako sa inyo eh. Thanks much for this kind of posts, Rose! I love it!

  12. hi, just stmbled in yr blog.. U have two adorable kids. Like mine.

  13. that is what i do almost everyday, Rose. I walk for an hour or so. I like it than doing exercise at home coz it is kinda boring for me. I like it outdoor for I have lots of things to see around . I sometimes take the kids walking to school. it is not that far so they never complain about it.

    your two kids are so adorable. please hugs them for me.. and by the way, thanks for the visit and comments. really appreciate them. take care


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