Friday, June 19, 2009

Mom's Duties

I am dead tired right now. I just got done scrubbing our bathrooms and now I am doing the laundry, whew! I fed my two burritos before I cleaned the BRs, so when I got done I tried to eat my lunch too but I was just starting when my daughter heller for help "Mom, please clean me up I pooped." So I cleaned her up and went back to my lunch.

For the second time she called me again and said "Mom, EJ pooped too!" Oh no, Mom's job never ends. Now I am hungry because I wasn't able to finish my lunch with those poop intervention....
But then again when you see their smiling faces, all your hard labor is worth it.


  1. I totally agree with you! Even my Princess is only 4 months old, I am feeling what you going through.. and I only got one! Salute you!

  2. isinabay pa talaga ang ganun gawain ano..hahaha..sana pinakain ka muna nila buritos mo kaya lang ganun talaga ang mommy, walang pahinga lalo na kung kailangan ka nila..ingat lagi mommy rose...

  3. hay naku totoo talaga it never ends, and tell ya what it never going to get easy too... My friends used to tell me that it gets easier as they get older but NO.. now that they are at school there are more involvements and I'm not just dropping them and picking them up I do lots, appointment here and there... it just never ends.

  4. wala talagang katapusan trabaho natin. ako din walang helper kaya ako lahat dito. pero hanga ako sa yo kase dalawa buritos mo pero naasikaso mong mabuti tapos dami mo pang ppp. a big applause to you rose!

  5. ohohohoh
    maagihan ko ini mads...
    maray simo ta darakula na an...

  6. Hanga ako sa mga inang gaya mo na may dalawang maliliit na anak, ang tyaga nyo. Mabuti lang dalagita na ang anak ko, medyo nakakatulong na sa mga gawaing bahay.

  7. haha, I love the kids, they always give you something else to do!
    Best mom ever!!

  8. Wala nga yatang katapusan ang duties natin as Moms,Ate Rose!!Pahinga ka rin minsan,mahirap ng magkasakit^_^

  9. That is very true! :) Moms are great!! Oh, dads too.

  10. Oh my....that's Mommy duties for us! I can't help but smile when you said you went back to your lunch after 'cleaning up' the daughter...hahaha. Nanay na nanay talaga!!!

    Happy weekend!

    Mommy J


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