Monday, June 22, 2009

Unwinding at the City Seven mall

I am a home buddy type of person so I don't mind staying inside the house. However, I have gas butt (lakwacheros) members here who always want to go somewhere. My husband took us in the City Seven mall in Changwon last Saturday. It's a 30-minute drive from our place. We had a great time unwinding there.

We ate at the food court before we stroll inside the mall.
My husband found his favorite dessert.

The mall has a unique structure, it has a cone shape. Nothing much to see inside the mall though, just expensive stuff and a lot of restos.
What we have enjoyed was the outside part of the mall where there's a gorgeous place to sit and relax.

Our princess had a good time with the tiger statues

Hope you guys enjoy this short tour.


  1. I enjoyed the tour and feasted on the food picture.

    me din homebody kaya nga kahapon noong naglakwatsa kami e sumakit mga paa at legs ko. hindi kase!

  2. that's a magnficent sught, ano ung chuva behind the fountain? cool!

    ako din sa bahay lang pero as much as possible gusto ko naman makalanghap ng hangin every weekend hehe

    Make or Break

  3. shopping galore pla kayo sis...hehehe..dito kasi d impressive yung mga malls kaya wala akong guts to hang out there....the best parin yung malls ng pinas...hehehe!

    nako parehas tayo manang ko...pero when I was a single...lakwatchera po ako...ngayon satisified na ako kung sa bahay lang...:)

  4. ganda ng lugar ano? ang linis din pati nga pagkain ang ganda este ang sarap pala..wahahahaha

  5. What a wonderful time you had bonding in a relaxing mall. You were right, the amenities on the outside are simply breathtaking. And your Rylie really knows how to pose. She'll grow up to be a pretty and intelligent lady just like her mom. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  6. great pics, she sure has fun :)

  7. Thank you so much for bringing us here, I realy enjoyed a lot on my li'l tour in here as much as you enjoyed unwinding the place.Thanks for the sharing.God Bless & thanks for the visit & din't forget to leave a comment as you go.Hugs!

  8. You always take such nice pictures and J enjoy looking at them, every time I see your children they seem bigger. Thank you for coming by and hope you have a great week.

  9. Ang gaganda nman ng mga kuha mo tsang, ang cute ni rylie nakasakay sa tiger. I love the manjoo, remember sa Sm or ayala mayroon ganyan. Bakit nga pala tinatawag 7 city, so pito ang syudad diyan wahahahaha just kidding tsang. Ang ganda talaga ng pamilya nyo palaging lakwatsa kakainggit.

  10. nice blog design :)

    Thats an interesting photo of white tigers!

  11. Awesome mall... mejo ganun n rin ang trend ng mga malls dito sa PH. They provide some place just for relaxation but not as cool as the mall you feature :)

    Thanks for the visit. Belated Happy Father's Day too to your hubby.

  12. Ang ganda ng malls dyan,Ate Rose!!Buti na lang nakumbinsi kang umalis sa bahay nyo lol!!Ayokong nasa bahay lang ako pero when I started blogging medyo naibsan na ang lakwatcha ko,palagi kasi kaming lagalag pag weekend eh lol!

  13. what a great place to unwind ! it is so beautiful and the mall shape is very unique indeed. nice to see you all had a great time on that day out. i love all the pictures you posted.

    thanks for visiting my blog. take care

  14. such a nice place! thanks for the tour, hehehe!

  15. That's a nice mall. Glad you had a wonderful time unwinding with the family. Your daughter is so cute.

  16. hi sis. oo nga I never thought renewing my passport will took that long. thank goodness I spent almost two months in the PI if not I don't have time to finish it. my son miss everything in the PI specially the people there. He likes having playmates. here it' just the two of us that why he gets bored.

    I love shopping but i hate the walking part hehe.

  17. Hi Mommy Chubskulit,

    I was here already just coming back. I oversee your last statement on my post which says "Nga pala some advertiser don't like it if the whole article don't show up in a page, you know what I mean... just a thought.." Is this true? Kung totoo sayang nman ung bago kong template hehehe... Anyway, thanks for the info.

  18. Wow what beautiful pictures and exciting pictures. Loved the statues of the white tigers. They are so well sculpted. Have a great week :)

  19. wow rose! ang ganda naman ng mall na iyan! kainggit. sana i can fly to your place and go with you.hehe.

    pareho pala tayo, home buddy.

    thanks for adding my new blog here. i have added you already in my blog. have a great day! hugs!

  20. hay nagutom lang ako, hahaha, ang mga junakis mo po ang cucuteeeeeeeeee.follower mo na ako sa 2 blogs mo, galing ng blogs mo,censya na kayo ha, newbie lang ako sa blogland.


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