Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kitchen Aid Angels

Somehow in their very early age, our lil' burritos seems to be so interested in cooking. I find it fascinating because I never liked cooking when I was growing up, I'd rather every household chores than cook. Mama used to tell me that when I get married, my husband will leave me because I don't know how to cook. I don't know if she was just bluffing me so I will try to cook or what hehehe. But anyhow, when I got married, I realized that Mama is right. As the saying goes that "A way to a man's heart is his stomach" or my version "The secret to a man's heart is a full stomach."

My daughter Rylie, doing the brownie mix. If her dad make a brownie without her, she would get upset and cry hehehe. She love licking the batter mix left at the mixing bowl lol..
Here's our super makulit EJ, he love fried rice so if I tell him that I am making some, he would say "Lemme see Mom" and then he will try to mix it with the best of his ability lol..
You may share your own angel's interests...


  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog.
    I follow you to makes a complete family.

  2. children loves activities and help you mess the kitchen hahaha... my boys are the same... anyway, ingat diyan sa hot pots and pans

  3. I am a lousy cook too and my sons follow me. I should have train them to be a cook.

  4. cooking is easy to learn nman sabi nga nila once na nag asawa ka di ka pwedeng di matuto naku sana c nicole ganyan di puro kakulitan ang gawa at magpasway sabay ewww sabi nya pag pinapakain ko

  5. Children do with all their heart at every activity, that's why i like them very much.

  6. You are so lucky. This will continue through out their lives. My husband passed his love for cooking on to our kids and its great.

  7. Wow u have adorable kids. Kagayon man.
    Ang San Ramon Nonato Church ngunyan ko pa man lang sya nabisita. Parang haloy nman sya kaya lang pig-renovate.
    God Bless, Manay and the whole family.

  8. Natatawa ako sa sinabi ng mama mo rose, parang katunog ng laging sabi ng papa ko, dahil mga tamad kami at tulad mo rin walang hilig sa pagluluto. My father used to say, be sure we found a rich guy to support our needs and laziness and hire a maid to do our chores or else, our husband will return us to our parents.Sabi pa, mga babae pa naman walang alam kahit pagluluto hehehe.
    Well who would want to cook if kung lakwats lng nasa isip, sa pinas pa, ang daming laro pwedi laruin hehehe. Iba kasi dito yong mga anak natin tayo lang ang kalaro, kaya ang kukulit pag may ginagawa tayo. Ang kocute naman ng mga happy helper mow, ang mukha ni Ej mo para ginugutom na habang hinahalo ang fried rice hehehehehe. Mabuti pa si rylie marunong gumawa ng brownie, pwedi paturo kay rylie kung paano magbake hehehe

  9. You have an adorable kids mommy! Ok yan maaga pa nawiwili na magluto. They might be the next great chefs in the future.

    Thank you for visiting my site and commenting on MM entry. Can we xchange links?

    God Bless!

  10. Oh how adorable are your cute angels trying to imitate their mommy in cooking. Rylie seems to be quite serious with what she was doing. So with EJ. But I think Rylie will grow up to be the serious cook between the two. Nice that you and John are training them at such an early age. They will surely grow up to be responsible and hardworking people. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  11. oh my! adorable helpers.....this is the first time I see EJ cooking...hehehhe...the best of his ability talaga...hehehe..thanks for sharing sis....:) great job on teaching them....:)

  12. they sure love to help out in the kitchen, huh, Rose :-); jake like ej loves fried rice so much!

  13. visiting you again :)
    Added your link already!
    Thank you so much and God bless!

  14. hahahaaha!!My kids are like that lalo na ngayong malaki na si Haruka--ayaw ng magpatalo kay Wakaba pagdating sa kusina kaya palaging messy ang kusina ko lol!!Ingat sa hot pans!!^_^


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