Monday, June 1, 2009

Fish Parade

Let's talk about fish today lol. I took these photos when we roam around Sam Nam Jung's park in Jejudo. After enjoying ourselves to the water lilies and frogs, the fish put a show for us. We fed them with crackers and they were jumping up the water. It's funny to look at them because they fight each other over food lol..

Have a nice weekend everyone! God bless y'all!


  1. Gutom ang mga isda kaya nag aaway sa crackers! hehehe!

  2. Hey, glsd to 'see' you again! I agree with, what did she say again? -grin!

    We four kids (I was "eldest" Big Shot!) always fought over food, especially if it was HERSHEY BARS!

    So I stand corrected--some memories are worthy of archiving...e.g., fighting over candy!! Yeah!

    Peace guys.....

  3. What pretty photos...I love the goldfish...thanks for visiting me at Oasis Writing Link (OWL) and leaving a comment. I like your pretty blog concept! <3

  4. ang cute naman tingnan nila hehehe

  5. what's the name of that fish nga, sisterette? coi? mahal pa naman ng fish na yan. (",)

    happy sunday sis!

  6. Hi Steve, Anney said that the fish are fighting over crackers because they are hungry lol..

    Hahaha see I told you, not all memories should be forgotten. Others are worth keeping for..

  7. Not sure about the name sisterette hehehe.. But they're sure are pretty..

  8. visiting you back! thanks for the visit..can we exchange links? thanks!! followed u by the way :)

  9. Those fishes is called KOI---a common carp!^_^


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