Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wheels Inside

The weather here is a little bit crazy hehehe.. We had a couple of days that's warm then it got so cold again yesterday. So the kids' riding spree went back inside the house again. They really want to play outside but I don't want them to get sick so here they are, playing inside hehehe..

Wala lang, trying to make the time pass by with fun. So picture taking while playing.
EJ seldom sit for the camera so here he is, trying to escape again hehehe..
Unlike Rylie, she's always ready to say KImchee eheste Cheese lol..

I know that the weather in the Philippines is too warm, how about on your end? Hope you are having a nice day out there..


  1. dito naman sa cali Manang mejo mainit init na..kaya minsan during the day time naka diaper lang si Akesha...hahhaa...pero a lit bit windy!

    hahaha..natutuwa ko kay Rye...she's so very very kikay...naka bakya ba naman...hehehhe....dami nya jewels ah....:) thanks for sharing the photos...:)

  2. Mahilig talaga yan manag ko sa heels hehehehe.. dito naku ang lamig na naman kakabanas talaga... kaya ako naglalalabas eh..

  3. At talaga namang naka shades pa sa loob ng bahay ha? hehehe! Syempre may picture taking e. Sobrang init dito sa pinas naku di lang kili kili ang tumutulo sa pawis sakin. wahahaha!

  4. hahaha I know what you mean Anney kasi when we were there talaga namang mainit pagpapawisan ka talaga lol..

  5. Ang init na pala dyan sa Korea anoh?Dito sa Japan,medyo malamig,minsan mainit.

    kumakain ka ba ng kimchee??

  6. uummm cutie nman ng model mo dangz... kamukhang-kamukha mo tlga tong dalaga mo...

    About the tummy butter dangz, yes thanks for reminder... actually, I bought exactly the one you told me, the Cocoa Tummy Butter one, and I notice the cracks sa tiyan ko, dry skin and itchy huh!!!

  7. Hello Rizza, actually sala sa init sala sa lamig ang weather here.. one day its warm and the next day is cold again...

    Yup, hubby and I love kimchee hehehe..

  8. Hi Madz, thanks..

    Yup, you really need to put that lotion to avaoid stretch mark later lalo pa at malaki tummy mo. Don't scratch it with your fingernails dangz, just use a comb or something or better yet, don't scratch it at all..

  9. I can't help but notice, medyo malaki ang sandal ni Rylie ah... :)
    Cute talaga mga tsikiting mo. :)

  10. naku pink na scooter gusto ko yan at green na sunglassess. she does look so pretty in her attire.

  11. Malaki nga Grace. Gift kasi yan nung isang pinay back in the States and since then sinusuot nya na talaga kahit ang haba.. You're a very keen observer lol..

  12. Blue yung sunglasses Tkim, slamat sa visits and comments ate!

  13. akala ko e nag ballet ang anak mo, sa unang tingin lang pala ganun dahil may wheel na kasama sya...

    amg klima naman dito lalo na sobra, ang init tapos minsan uulan ng di mo nalalaman..pawisan ka na tas bigla kang uulanin naku mas mahirap dito

  14. wow! vacation galore pala kayo Rose... thanks for sharing the pictures

  15. ;-) the weather in tokyo is crazy too. hot and humid one day and chilly the next. take care!


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