Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yep, I'm an Oxen

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

Who wouldn't enjoy serious relationship huh? I guess there are people who are just for fun and don't want any commitment hehehe.. This thingy speaks well about me, especially the stubborn one hahaha... Wanna find out yours, just visit the link at the bottom of the widget.


  1. dalaw lang po dito hope you have a great day

  2. Have a good night!!Oxen ka pala,Te!!

  3. wow, oxen, very hardworking person!
    Mooooooo, ha ha!

  4. ox ka dragon hahaha.

    hoy, add mo ko sa bloglist mo, bat ako wala sa list hehe.
    add mo ko ha.
    na add ko na lahat blog mo sa blogroll ko.

  5. Visiting here again, I guess this year is your year goodluck then. wanna ex-link?

  6. hhahah! natawa ako sa comment mo mare! kaloka! baket ako mgagalit sau aber?? hahha. medyo busy lng lately. cant find time to blog hop. heto nga kakatulog lang ni daughter in law mo hohohoh haahaa

    gusto ko lagyan ng messagebox mga blogs mo pra kahit dun mkta mo na lagi kta nasisilip.. :D mssss dn kta! haha

  7. I don't have a slight clue of what was going on with my widgets as you said Rose; I don't see any changes with my widgets, they look fine to me :-) thanks for telling me anyway so i can ask Juliet to check my blog for me to see if she is seeing the same thing as you with this blog!

    Have a nice day, dear!


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