Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Je-Hwangsan Park Part 1

When we first came here, the building on the other side of the town immediately captured our eyes. It light up every night that it's very beautiful to watch. It has 365 steps going up, a good place to do exercise eh? Our daughter calls it "My Building" because she always look at it eevery night because of the colorful lights. We decided to go there last Saturday. EJ is telling us to hurry up... He has a gas butt in him lol..

One of the famous circles in town..
See that building on top? That's the Je-Hwangsan Park
Entrance and Exit to Motorail.
waiting for the motorailcar..
My daughter's photography contribution.. Featuring my ugly face lol..
Inside the motorailcar going up..
Before going up, I took some pics of my S-Hearts. You can go up to the top by riding the elevator or by climbing up through the stairs.. Of course we took the elevator lol..

A young Korean couple who were dating are very nice, they took a picture of us.

Taken on top of the building

EJ was so fascinated by these ants.

Okay, I'll show you the beautiful views that we took a the top on my next post. Thank sfor dropping by and commenting!


  1. ANg kyut ng mga chikitings...hehehe..

    pati si mommy na rin Kyut...

    baka magalit si daddy..pati si daddy na rin Cute...hehehe..

    nice pix man!...

  2. im tired!!!
    kita ko pa lng hagdan hingal na ako wahhhh..

  3. Ang ganda ng view dyan ah!!thanks for taking me there for free with these pics!!^_^

  4. wow very breathtaking yung views manang...sarap talaga dyan ano...mukhang peaceful yung lugar...nice your outfit....parang dalaga...hehehhe!

  5. Keep on sharing those beautiful sceneries you see around you. Para na rin akong napunta sa Korea! Thanks!

  6. nice photos!!! ganda ganda nmn view jan mare !! sexy mo ha..

  7. Salamat Sir Pajay hehehe.. At ikaw na rin Kyut hehehe.. Salamat sa Pagdaan Kabayan!

  8. Hahaha di man kami naglakaw mads, we rode a motorailcar because the kid's won't make it but I love to walk though..

  9. No problem Rizza, nakakaenjoy nga maglakad lakad talaga dito kasi ang ganda ng environment..

  10. Mukha bang dalaga hahaha, naku baka dala na dhemz lol.. OO ang ganda talaga sa taas, wait till you see the part 2 hehehe..

  11. I will Tita Beng, it will be my pleasure to share it to you guys!

  12. You look gorgeous Mommy Rose.. parang dalaga pa rin ang beauty natin sa pictures ha?

    I cant get off my eyes to your kids.. they grow up so fast and they are so cute and adorable..

    Im back to blogging my dear.. but I still hv some jet lag.. my eyes are still wide open even though its 4 am here..

  13. ibang klase ka talaga mommy rose, bakit? aba e di naka entry ka ng halos pix ang laman..hehehehe...yan ang masarap sa blog e ano? kahit ano basta alam mo na masisiyahan ka ok lang....

  14. You can tell you are up a ways by looking at the view. Your children sure are growing and very cute. As I said before it is nice to see families being out and about, looks like you all had a fun time and thank you for coming by.

  15. ang ganda dyan! ang laki ng ants!

    ay nku, gnyan din kmi, need pa makiusap sa strangers para lahat kming apat ang makunan ng pics. un lang hirap pag kyo kayo lang e no? anyway, looks like enjoy naman ang kids, un ang important.

    ingat lagi!

  16. 365 steps? nakupo ang taas pala! Pero maganda naman. Ang lalaki yata ng langgam jan? hehehe!

  17. wow posing to death dangz ko hehhehe.. what a happy family... grabe pasyal nyo sis ah!! nilibot nyo na ata buong place...

    ang gwapo ng posing ng cutie son mo.....with matching sun glasses pa!! hehehehhe


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