Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Weather and the Sticker Figure family

Just the other day, the weather here was warm like summer time, but today, we're back to cold weather again wahhhhh..

Anyhow, I want to share this fun-filled activities to bloggers with kids/family... I grabbed this from Rizza and (was tagged by Niko, sorry mare hehehe). I had so much fun doing it.. You can make your own Stick Figure Family and show it off in your blog. Have FUN!


  1. i tag u kaya with this one mare!! :) heheheh

    danda ng sticker mo :)

  2. This is really cute, I will have to have my son do this. Thank you for coming by and the award. Have a great week, can you believe it how fast the week has gone.

  3. hi tita, ayos ang sticker mo ah! si mommy e haba ng hair habang may sumbrero si daddy..waaaaaa, tag araw na talaga...

  4. hiya dangz, tingnan mo ang akin hehhehehhe... nkktuwa tlga to no...I enjoyed viewing yours too...

  5. Oh so sowi mare nalimutan ko ata that u told me about that hehehe.. anyway, naadd ko na sa post yung tag mo hehehe.. Thanks Mommy Niko!

  6. Hello Ms. margaret, yup its true, time flies so fast. It's fun to do that, thanks!

  7. Oo nga Kuya Totz hehehe... Salamat sa pagdaan!

  8. Hahaha sige dangz, i'll go and see what's your look like heheh..

  9. hehehe!!ka-cute nga!!nag-enjoy din akong gawin tong tag na to eh!kung meron nga lang sa sungay eh,nilagyan ko ng sarili!

  10. dropping by here, Rose :-), good to be back here :-).


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