Tuesday, January 22, 2019

How Quitting Smoking Can Improve Your Looks Dramatically

By quitting smoking, a smoker can undo much of the damage done by tobacco smoking. Within a few hours of giving up smoking permanently, they drastically decrease the chances for a smoking related illnesses. It can even make the smoker look healthier. As a smoker considering quitting, you probably know that quitting will improve your respiration and heart health. However, it can do much more than helping you maintain ahealthy lifestyle. Read on to learn how quitting smoking can improve your looks too.

He quit smoking 20 years ago, I'm glad..

Open Brighter Eyes

After quitting, your eyes will look brighter and less tired. Every time you smoke, the smoke fills your eyes with irritants. Repeated exposure to these irritants makes your eyes look red and dried out. They will be itchy and uncomfortable. Additionally, it leaves your eyes dangerously dry, which can cause permanent damage. After you stop, your eyes will remoisturize and repair themselves. Once repaired, your eyes will regain their previous brilliance and make you look more alert and interested.

Show Off Healthier Skin

If you stop smoking, you can expect to see your skin look healthier. Using the best e liquid brands, you can control your nicotine levels to gradually stop smoking. Since nicotine constricts your blood vessels, it makes it harder to get oxygen to your extremities. Without a lot of oxygen, your skin will not get enough nutrients. As a result, your skin will look dull and dry, giving you an uneven complexion. Within a few hours of not smoking cigarettes, your blood vessels will begin to return to normal. As the oxygen level returns to normal, your skin will take on a healthy, smooth complexion. This will make you look younger with a more natural complexion.

Accelerate Your Body’s Healing

Cuts and bruises will heal faster after you quit. Smoking limits the amount of oxygen your blood can carry. Lower oxygen levels and constricted blood vessels limit the hemoglobin in your blood. Hemoglobin are the cells in the blood that merge together to heal damaged tissues. As a result, smokers take much longer to heal than non-smokers. Once you quit smoking, your blood will return to normal as it filters out the remaining toxins. In fact, there are several ways the body heals itself as you stop smoking. By the 48 hour mark, you could have all nicotine completely out of the body. Once this happens, you will heal much faster, making small injuries like cuts less of a problem to your skin’s appearance.

Take On Less Wrinkles

Smoking causes you to prematurely age. If you are planning to livea long life, you should take steps to restrict smoking. There are around 7,000 different toxins in every cigarette. These chemicals in your blood along with the cigarette fumes can destroy the collagen and elastin in your skin. Once they are destroyed, your skin begins to bag and wrinkle from the stretching. This will make you look older then you are. While your skin can never be fully restored, quitting will give your skin a chance to replace some of these lost chemicals. That will make you look younger, relieving some wrinkles and bags.

Restore Your White Teeth

After you quit smoking, your teeth will look better. Tobacco and tar particulate in cigarette smoke stain your teeth. As you might notice, smokers tend to have yellow or brown colored teeth. These stains can be eliminated with proper oral hygiene. However, as long as you smoke, they will always continue to deteriorate your oral health and appearance. As you smoke, you increased build up ofplaque and tartar on teeth. After quitting, you can gradually brush your teeth back to their original, lustrous white. Additionally, this particulate gives your breath a foul smell that can last for hours and days. After you quit, you can greatly improve your oral hygiene, in appearance and smell.

When you quit smoking, your appearance improves in many ways. If you care about your appearance and health, use these improvements as motivators to get through cravings. Your eyes look brighter as they repair damage from irritants. More oxygen makes your skin look smoother and healthier. As your blood starts to carry more hemoglobin, cuts and bruises heal quicker. As the toxins pass out of your system, your skin will look younger and less wrinkled. On top of that, you can remove tar stains on your teeth permanently. Quitting smoking will not just make you healthier, it will improve your looks too.

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