Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Commercial Slip - Buffalo New York

Before going into the  Naval and Military Park in Buffalo, the  Commercial Slips is the first  attraction that you will see.  According to the information I read, this area in Buffalo, New York is the original Commercial Slip, the entrance to the original Erie Canal. It was built in 1825 for the purpose of a hub of commercial  that connects  the Great Lakes to the Hudson River in Albany.
The Canal went out of use in the early 1900s unfortunately.   The restoration of this canal began in the early 2000s.  The canals and Steamboat Hotel ruins are now being preserved for us to enjoy and appreciate.  My kids was really fascinated by it.
I love it that they put bench  along side it.  You can sit and relax while listening to the running water.
I wish we have a place like this here in Weirton.  I would frequent the place and enjoy each time.
This part of Buffalo, New York is a great place to  explore especially if you have kids.  Lots of things to see and enjoy.

Water and children, always a great  combination right.  No matter what the child's age, water attraction is always a winner.
Look at these two, too  eager to run and discover the place.  We were there for a short period of time so they want to  enjoy each minute by not missing anything.
I am most fascinated  by this part and I appreciated them restoring  the place.  By looking at the ruins, you can tell that this used to be a very important part  of the businesses around here.
Even my husband can't  just look, he went out around looking at the place as well.
I love taking photos of my 3 kids ha ha ha.
This looks like a good place for a picnic.
If we would have enough time, I would have love to take the river tour.  It would have been nice to see it from a different view.

So if you guys are visiting Buffalo or on your way home from Niagara Falls, this place is worth checking out.  I love historical places like this because you learn a lot from what it is used to be.  I admired them for preserving this place.  I wish the steel mill here in our place was kept instead of tearing it down.  It was a sad day seeing the mill going down, it could have been restored and use as a historical place.


  1. Looks like you all got a great and fun workout running up and down all the stairs. Always fun to go and see different places

  2. So awesome. I just love the scenery here. I would want to check this area out too. My kids love being by the water.

  3. The commercial slip looks like fun...and a lot of stair walking! LOL!! I would still love to visit!

  4. This place looks like so much fun! I've never been so this would be a great road trip for the family.

  5. Sounds like a really fun place that holds a lot of history for the region. It is great that they are working on restoring the area so that families can enjoy it for years to come. I bet it is beautiful in the Spring and Fall to be out by the water.

  6. It looks like you had such a fun time there with the family. I know a lot of people in my life would love to explore a place like this. It's got the history and the beauty all at once.

  7. Your family seems to be having such a good time, and the history there was so interesting. I think you should get in some of the pictures next time.

  8. What a fun and cool place to explore! I always enjoy historical spots in cities. Very cool.

  9. That looks like a place my kids would love to visit. If we're ever in the area...

  10. Some interesting history here for sure. If we are ever in Buffalo will have to swing by and check out this place.

  11. I have always wanted to venture around New York. We have only been to New York City and there is so much more to New York! Thank you for sharing!

  12. We often drive through Buffalo on our way to visit relatives, but have never stopped there. Maybe one day we'll take a day trip to Buffalo and see the sights.

  13. That looks like an interesting place to explore with the family. I will keep this in mind because we do have plans of traveling to Canada in the future. -Lynndee

  14. I love to discover and visit new places. They teach a lot. I am sure my kids will have a lot of fun to discover this one!

  15. I really didn't think there was much in Buffalo, NY except for busninesses. This is very nice to know...and pretty too.


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