Friday, January 19, 2018

5 Different Ways To Celebrate Your Anniversary This Year

In life, there are always going to be those kinds of occasions that we love to mark. For some, it will always be birthdays above all else. Others will prefer to celebrate family holidays like Christmas. But then there are the more romantic that love nothing more than to make a fuss over anniversaries. And if you’re one of them, you’re in for a treat.
When you’ve been with your significant other for some time, you can start to run out of ways to spend your anniversary. And this can be tough. Because we all know that gifts for men are hard to choose, so trying to pick out the perfect date is doubly hard. But it doesn’t have to be impossible. If you’re all out of ideas, here are five different ways that you could spend your anniversary this year.

Stay In and Cook

Up first is something that tends to go down well with those that love nothing more than to stay in and get cozy. Because you don’t always want to get dressed up and head out. And you certainly don’t have to do it to have a good time. If you’ve done the fancy stuff before, then why not keep this year simple? In your casual clothes, cook up your favorite meal, and just enjoy each others company, without anyone else around.
Enjoy A Day Out

But it doesn’t all have to be about dinner. We get so used to date being in the evening, that we forget all about good old-fashioned day dates. And when you’re heading on a day out, they can be the most fun of all. From ice skating to heading on a hike, you can have a lot of fun and still get to spend quality time together by enjoying a nice day out.
Recreate Your First Date

If you really want to do something special this year, why not look to recreate your first date. While this doesn’t have to be the exact date that you had, you just need to think about going back to the restaurant you ate at, or the movie theatre you went to. By doing something like this, you’ll both be filled with love and memories of when you met. And what could be cuter than that on your anniversary?
Our first date 15 years ago - Legazpi City, Philippines
Head On Vacation

When life gets busy, you may even struggle to take time out to have a date unless you make big plans. Because work and other life commitments can often creep in. So this gives you the perfect excuse to head on vacation. There are so many exciting and romantic anniversary trip ideas that you could consider taking, and it’s also a great way to mark a special anniversary too.
Our 14th wedding anniversary at Grand Canyon

Throw A Party

But sometimes, you don’t want to celebrate alone. When that’s the case, why not bring everyone else in your life into the celebrations too? If you’ve got real close friends and family, throwing a party or even heading out to a big dinner could be exactly what you need to really enjoy yourself this year.


  1. These are all wonderful ways to celebrate an anniversary. My husband and I usually take a vacation to celebrate. We're empty nesters and can do that now. When the kids were growing up, we'd settle for a night out or a night in with the kids.

  2. Those are all lovely ideas. My husband and I actually don't celebrate ours, but we might on a milestone one like our 10th in a few years.

  3. Awesome ideas! We usually don't do too much since my husband usually has to work. But we go out to eat if we can.

  4. Hubby and I recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and we did so with a cruise. We typically always plan some sort of getaway but there have been plenty of times it's been a family dinner. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband.

  5. This are some lovely ideas, I love the idea of recreating a first date, what a lovely way to look back over the years.

  6. We are at the age that staying in and cooking, watching a good movies together is just our perfect night.

  7. Awww these are some sweet ideas, you guys still look the same 15 years on lol, I love these ideas

  8. These are some really amazing ideas. I am excited for my anniversary this year.

  9. That is a tough time of year for me. These ideas are really great.

  10. Happy Anniversary. I love the idea of recreating your first date. I never thought to do that. I like your matching anniversary t-shirts as well. That is a cute idea.

  11. These are such great ideas! One of my favourite things to do with my partner is stay in and have a cosy evening together. We also love to go for little days out though! Our anniversary isn't till September, so I've still got some time to plan for this year!

  12. These are all great ideas. I'll admit we don't celebrate much, but we should!!

  13. That's fun that you took photos on your anniversaries. We're together for a long time now and have very few photos, it's a nice idea.

  14. Love the idea of the recreating your first date. That sounds like a super fun anniversary!

  15. These are all great ideas to celebrate a wedding anniversary. Me and my husband usually stay home and cook and then morph into couch potatoes with a good bottle of wine and a funny movie.

  16. Happy anniversary! I want to do something for ours this year, it'll be our second-and our first as parents. I think I want to drop the baby off to my parents and maybe have a staycation at a nice hotel with a fancy tub.

  17. I love staying home and cooking a great meal every now and then. Especially in the winter months! Cute pictures!

  18. An anniversary is an occasion to recreate memories. Would prefer a quite getaway in a secluded spot.

  19. This is too cute. Thank you for the ideas. We like to keep our anniversaries simple.


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