Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Simple and Effective Ways to Spice up Your Bedroom or Living Space

It doesn’t matter how many boxes your dream home ticked when you bought it, after living in it for a number of years, there will be some items that are less than ideal, charms that have since become annoying, or just a general disinterest in the living space. While the cost and energy required for a full DIY renovation can seem daunting, there are a number of small additions or changes you can make to brighten up your bedroom and living spaces.
Despite what you might think, giving a single room a fresh coat of paint is cost effective and an easy task that you can undertake over a weekend. In fact, the hardest task associated with giving your bedroom or living space a fresh coat of paint is choosing what color you want. When choosing the color, try to steer away from fashion colors that could look dated quickly.
If you buy the end of a roll from a wholesaler then getting new carpet in your home is more affordable than you might think. Additionally, these sources often have an associated installing service that you can take advantage of. The reduction in cost comes from the fact that you are buying the end section of carpet, which likely isn’t enough to carpet a whole house. A win-win seems you’re only doing a room or two.

When choosing a carpet it is important to remember that you want it to last a long time. For this reason, and similar to the tip mentioned above regarding paint color choice, shy away from fashion colors that can date easily. The last thing that you want is for somebody to think you installed your carpet in the 80’s when you only recently had it replaced.

Rugs and Cushions
If you aren’t in the position to give a room a complete carpet makeover, rugs and cushions from the Groupon Coupons page for Ugg are a great way to make a room feel more modern and bring a new style into your shared living spaces.  If your couche is looking a little worse for wear, consider a throw rug that will cover your entire couch, giving you an updated sitting space.
While you are looking through the selection, don’t discount classic style poufs to add an extra level of comfort to your seating.

No, I’m not really into art. This is often the response people have when they are suggested to buy some art pieces for their bedroom or living spaces. And while they may be right with the point that they aren’t into art, it doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from it. If you aren’t into art, hang it up anyway!  Head to your local store and pick up some cheap prints that strike your fancy. Remember, it’s about your living space, so whatever interests you, choose it! Don’t worry about if it would be considered art or not.

These are just four the great ways that you can quickly update the style in your bedroom or living space. If you are feeling like your home is looking at bit dated, give these ideas a try and look around your house for other creative ways that you can modernize your spaces!


  1. I think area rugs can really change the entire look of a room. I have a few around my house :)

  2. I need some art and also cushions for my room as I think they can make or break a room. Lovely tips

  3. I need to get my house a little bit more updated than what it is. I am looking to paint my walls. I think it gives it a whole new look without spending a ton of money.

  4. It's amazing how paint can refresh a room and give it a whole new look. Anytime I want to spice things up, paint is the first thing I think about.

  5. You mentioned a lot of great tips. My home needs a lot of spicing up and these tips are great ways to start.

  6. I love just changing out the cushions to change the feel of a room. And new paint always makes a big diff

  7. I seriously love this. It always amazes me how much a new coat of paint in a different color can literally change the entire vibe of a room and freshen it up instantly. I totally need art work for the wall and maybe some gallery walls to freshen up things.

  8. Selecting paint colors is one of the hardest things to do. It took us several tries before we found the right colors. I love that you involved the kids.

  9. These are great ways to spice up your living room or bedroom. I know when I moved into my new apartment my sons and I painted the living a lite tan color which I believe never goes out of style and matches everything. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  10. I prefer a minimalist design on the living room and bedroom so I can breathe specially when I came home from work. I am trying to avoid carpets and big paintings, well every home depicts its style. :)

  11. These are all awesome tips. I have been wanting to change the color of our living room walls but I have not decided what color would match our furniture. We are also planning to replace the area rug. Its been worn out in spots and is not as pretty as it used to be.

  12. Getting rugs is one of my favorite ways to change up a room. I also love throw pillows. Each season has a different one!

  13. I feel like decluttering and "shopping" your house are great and cost effective ways to change up the look out of your home. Your tips are spot on too, especially about the paint!

  14. Love all the tips! I need to update my living room, but don't have time to move things around and to paint.

  15. I wish I could paint my apartment. I was able to spice it up with a few decor pieces and a statement rug.

  16. These are all great ideas and tips to spice up your decor. Love the combination of bright colors.

  17. Great tips. I think I want to change my walls colors this year and get some new art.


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