Thursday, June 15, 2017

Business Areas Around Industrial Scientific

Our  trip to my husband's work was a fun experience.  I truly enjoyed  looking at the nearby places around their  business building.  Industrial Scientific  is located on an elevated  place so you can see  pretty much  everything around the area.
We shop on this market district once in a while.  They have a great selection of fresh veggies.  We don't have a  Giant Eagle in our  place so  this one is the closest to us.

Even from afar, I thought this church looks beautiful.  Glad I brought my  long camera lens that day.

Hubby and I went to the rooftop and it was nice.  The employees  there probably think I am nuts  taking pictures of everything lol.

Industrial Scientific building has all glass windows so you can pretty much see outside.  It must be nice to work there and not feel trapped inside a huge building.  The disadvantage of  it is it can be a distraction.

I love looking at the driveway  from the top, it looks like one-eyed smiley.

I thanked my husband for  taking a day of absence when he took us there because it gave us a chance to  discover the place with him.  Kudos  to Industrial Scientific for hosting a "Take your Children to Work Day".

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