Monday, April 10, 2017

Water Can Cause Severe Damage to Your Home

Water damage is one of the worst types of damage a building can have. This is partly because the damage can be hidden for months and partly because water can seriously undermine the structure of the building. Whether it is from a leaky faucet, leaky roof or serious flooding, almost all excess water requires emergency water damage restoration.
Carpet damaged by water at Fort Magruder

Categories of Water

Water is divided into three main categories. Category One is potable, sanitary drinking water. Category Two is often called gray water and has a significant amount of contamination. Category Three is often called black water and is grossly unsanitary, usually with sewage and can cause serious illness. The reason all water damage requires emergency removal is that even Category One water can change into Category Three water if it stands for as little as 48 hours.


Mold is one of the worst side-effects of water damage. Even when the flooding recedes, the leak is repaired and the floor or walls dried, mold can still exist and grow. Water damage restoration is essential to detect hidden mold and remove it in such a way that it does not return. Professionals have the equipment to detect mold anywhere in your home or office, remove it and thoroughly dry the area. They can also restore your property if possible and discard any carpets or upholstery that cannot be cleaned.

The Process

Emergency services will arrive at your home within two hours of your call for help. If the flooding is from a leak, you should stop the water at the source and turn off or remove electrical devises from the area. The professionals will inspect the property, determine any safety issues with electric wires, quickly develop a drying plan and, if necessary, pump out the water. The area will be dried with equipment that extracts the moisture from deep in the floors, walls and ceilings. They may also check for mold growth, depending on how long the property has been wet.

Calling emergency damage restoration services for leaks and flooding is the most cost effective way to have a safe environment. When the dampness or flooding is removed as soon as it is discovered, there is a good chance you can avoid costly repairs and renovations. Whether it is an overflowing toilet or a flooded basement, water causes some of the most severe damage to a building. 

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