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3 Underrated Cities You Should Visit in Australia

One of the greatest perks in life is being able to go places. Traveling with your family or friends can make you happy and live life to the fullest. Everyone deserves to rest and take a break from time to time, so make sure to spend this time wisely.

Since there are a lot of destinations to choose where to spend your vacation, you can consider the stunning country of Australia. It offers plenty of amazing attractions and thrilling activities to all, which you will surely enjoy. Your visit in this huge country will be full of fun, especially when you are with your loved ones. Nothing compares having the time to bond with the people you love, thus, make the most out of your break.

Apparently, Australia has various cities you can visit, depending on where you want to go. Aside from the popular ones, such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, there are a number of underrated cities you can check out as well, including the following: 

In case you are looking for mountain ranges and natural landscapes, Tasmania is the perfect place for you. This city takes pride in its Cradle Mountain, which is one of the country's striking wilderness regions. Its capital, Hobart, offers world-class tourist spots and a combination of heritage charm and contemporary lifestyle. In fact, you can book a DriveNow car rental in Hobart and witness the exceptional beauty of the entire city without worrying anything about your transportation. You will have a great time exploring this piece of paradise at least once in your life.

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This capital city of Australia's Northern Territory is an ideal hub for visitors who want a calm retreat from the busy city life. It features tropical breezes and numerous guided tours for nature, culture, as well as adventure. You can go to the Mindil Beach, Crocosaurus Cove, or any local rainforests to make your visit more fun and exciting. Definitely, you will have something to do while here and each of you will have a great time.

Known as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns has a lot to offer to visitors of all ages. It has a mild tropical weather and laid back atmosphere, which you can truly enjoy. If you are in search of outstanding food then head to the city's wide range of pubs, restaurants, and caf├ęs. Numerous pristine beaches are also present here for you to loosen up and bask in the sun. In addition, Cairns is a shopping haven, too. There are plenty of specialty stores and world-class shops around the city, where you can buy anything you want.

Ultimately, there is more to Australia than its famous cities and tourist attractions. These fringe places mentioned above will make your vacation more thrilling and one for the books as they are not known to many. Take these into consideration when planning your trip to Australia and it will absolutely be an adventure of a lifetime with your loved ones.


  1. I'd love to visit ANY city in Australia. It's been on my bucket list forever.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these cities! I've always wanted to see Australia.

  3. Visiting any of these cities would be an awesome experience, in my book. I've always wanted to visit Australia. Thanks for sharing these.

  4. I've always wanted to visit Tasmania. Any of these cities would make me happy! I've never left North America.

  5. I cannot wait to add this to our travel list and destinations. Bucket list for sure

  6. I have never been to Australia before, but it has always been a dream destination of mine. These cities sound amazing to get to explore!

  7. My husband REALLY wants to visit Australia. I am not against it by any means but it's not on the tip top of my list. I figure we will only get to take maybe one or two trips in the future so he can choose one and I can pick one. I will share this with him so he can better consider where in Aussie he wants to go!

  8. Australia is a place we would love to visit some day. Cairns seems like the place more for me that I would enjoy. Thanks for sharing these awesome places.

  9. I would love to go all over Australia. Darwin sounds awesome for a getaway while on a getaway. Cairns would be a fabulous stop to visit the Great Barrier reef.

  10. My sister visited Australia last year and she can't stop raving how beautiful it is. Cairns would be first on my list.

  11. victoria heckstallApril 28, 2017 at 5:38 AM

    The places here are totally great and awesome! I wish I could visit them one by one.

  12. I have never thought about going out of the country really seriously. I think so many places would be awesome to see but I really don't want to leave the US because I am so afraid of leaving the US.

  13. I have always wanted to visit Australia. It is actually number one on my bucket list.

  14. Being from the other end of the world (Canada to be exact), I can only dream of visiting Australia one day! But I will make it happen ;)

  15. I'd love to visit the down under. It sounds like a wonderful place to explore and experience. Maybe one day.

  16. How amazing, Australia is amazing and I would love to go to all of these places!

  17. Australia is certainly on my bucket list. I'd love to see Darwin along with Sydney for sure.

  18. Ughhhhh Australia is such an amazing place. Everyone deserves to visit! I don't even have a fave city. No preferences. I love the whole country.


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