Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Converting Movies With Movavi Movie Converter For Mac

If you’re an avid movie watcher and you want a good quality movie converter for Mac at a reasonable price then Movavi’s Mac video converter is what you should buy. 

Using this software you’ll be able to convert a movie to any widely used video format. You’ll be able to convert even High Definition movies to other video formats keeping the original video resolution intact. The software lets you convert audio files and image files to almost all of their respective most commonly used formats as well. Using this software, you’ll be able to watch movies on your smartphone or tablet by converting a movie which has a video format not supported by your device to a format that is compatible with your device with almost no loss in video quality. As the software has latest codecs, the size of the converted files will be much less than the original but the converted video will be of the highest quality supported by your device, thus, you’ll get to enjoy the best movie viewing experience on your mobile device. Because the size of the movie file is reduced after conversion you won’t have to worry about memory space. 

The software also lets you enhance the sound quality of your movie. You will be able to magnify and decrease volume of sounds in a movie to enhance the overall viewing experience and due to the fact that the software has SuperSpeed technology, the audio volume in a movie file can be regulated without having to re-encode video track.

The SuperSpeed technology lets a file conversion take place very fast. Time required for a video to be converted using the software is almost same as the time required to copy the file to another location. 

The Movavi movie converter for Mac also lets you convert image files to any other image format. You’ll also be able to convert video fragments to GIFs by using the appropriate preset already included in the software and then making the necessary adjustments, after which you’ll only have to click on “convert” and the GIF will be created.

The software also lets you make videos of slideshows. The slideshow videos can be made of pictures on your computer and also you’ll be able to make compilations of assorted video clips using the software. 

The software also enables you to upload videos to different websites that allows video sharing. There are certain formats of video that are not supported by those websites but the software has presets for the purpose of converting videos to compatible formats for sharing them on such websites.

Movavi’s movie converter for Mac has presets for a wide variety of mobile devices which makes it very easy for you to convert a movie to a format supported by your device and what’s more, the video quality of the converted movie is of highest quality that is compatible with your device. The user interface of the Movavi movie converter for Mac is so easy to operate that you won’t find it difficult to use even if you have no prior experience of converting videos.

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