Thursday, October 16, 2014

Silos on the Farm

I love going on a road trip because I get to see the vast farm land.  It somehow remind  me of my childhood seeing the  farm land although it is very modern compared to what  I grew up with in my former country.  One of the many things I love seeing are the big Silos.  Below are some of the photos I took during our trip to Maryland.
Photos were taken  from the silos we've seen along Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. 


  1. that's one thing I love about roadtrip....not only you get to visit different states but you also get to see different things...and appreciate life!

  2. Like you, I do love to go on a road trip too, there's so many different things you can see on different locations and wandering around your mind what's truly in there... we do road trip once in awhile especially when my husband have enough time to planned one.

  3. Whenever I see silos, it reminds me of Cityville, Farmville and Hayday. I love these kinds of games. I love owning virtual farms. ^_^

    Someday, I wanna go to a road trip too. I wanna see real farms!

  4. Way cool! I love all those silos too and I don't see them here in NM.

  5. those farms must be HUGE! because there are lots or really big silos.

  6. We don't get farms like that where I live - they must be huge!

  7. I love traveling the country side...too many interesting things to see!

  8. Wow.. such a beautiful thing to see - I do thing everyone would love road tripping!


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