Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jail Time in Curpus Cristi Texas

I hope and pray that this would never happen.  For  fun in photography, it is cool to be in jail hehehe.
The  USS Lexington turned into a tourist attraction is a great idea.  Regular people like us have the chance to see what's inside this humongous ship.  There is  a US submarine near our area too but it's a very small one compared to  the ship in Curpus Cristi, Texas.


  1. @Rose, I don't think you'll have that problem with your kids. :) I think you and your hubby raise them well.

  2. haha yes, indeed... I think this is the only time jail can be fun

  3. Lol, looked like kids were having fun. They would oh so not be smiling if they were older.

  4. Playing time for children and moving forward for their lives.

  5. Hehe I doubt any of that will ever happen to them - they are such good loving kids!


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