Thursday, July 31, 2014

Road Trip to Maryland

Going on a road trip is a bit challenging if you have kids but it is a lot of fun!  The key is to prepare things that kids can do while on the road so they won't be  bored.  We always bring lots of movies for them to watch and we bring blankets so when they get tired, they can take a nap.
Our road trip to Maryland was a long one.  The fact that we went there on the weekend was a big mistake because everybody was  heading toward Ocean City for a weekend getaway.  Our 7  hour trip became 9-hours because of heavy traffic.
I feel bad for my husband as he was the one driving.  I just take pictures and enjoy the scenery while on the road.
It can be a bit boring but if you are like me who love taking photos and love to see the nature's beauty, you will enjoy it a lot.
I don't mind long drives as long as I have food and drink in the car and stop by at the res stops, I am good.
Road trip is like a therapy to me.  I enjoy seeing different places for the first time.  More photos coming up of our  Ocean City adventures.

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  1. You took beautiful photos sis. I love all of them. We take lots of movies too or gadgets so kids won't get bored especially long trips.


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