Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kennywood 2014

I can't believe, it's been a year already since we last visited Kenywood in PA.  I haven't even  done posting the photos I took last year lol.  Oh well, I will post this  for now.  We went there four days before my birthday.  It was my pre-celebration.  Going through a tunnel always reminds us of Korea.  THe kids always talked about KOrea when we go through this tunnel in Pittsburgh.
 I would like to  experience  riding on this tourist boats one day.  They go through Pittsburgh river.  It must be fun to see Pittsburgh by the river.
 People who live in Pittsburgh are lucky because they have so many fun and entertainment that they can explore.  Over here in our small city, we have to  go  somewhere to actually do something different.  Luckily, we live near PA and Ohio.
 I love seeing the industrial buildings and other  interesting sights in Pittsburgh.
 Kennywood is one place that my kids really enjoy. Last year, they  enjoyed the  Kiddieland but this year, they wanted to try the  big kids rides but unfortunately, they could not ride most of it because of height requirement.  The curse of being small and short lol.
Nevertheless, they had fun with the  rides that they could go into with their Dad.  I am excluded with the rides as speed and heights are not my thing.  I served as their official photographer  instead of ride-buddy.
Summer fun has just began.  Next month, we will be going to  Ocean City which me and the kids have never been to yet.  It would be fun for sure.


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