Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Having a vehicle is great as it gives you the freedom to roam around and go places. Being a vehicle owner comes with responsibility such as maintenance and responsible driving.  Our kids is so involve in maintaining the cleanliness of our vehicle, they always volunteer to help their Dad when cleaning.  The photos below were taken during the Memorial Day this year.  We did not have  a planned activity so they cleaned out our family van then we went for a drive.
My husband wanted to see this property for sale  that he saw online but the GPS could not find the address  so we went without knowing where exactly the location was.  We drove to this place we have never been before so that was quite exciting for me and the kids.
We have never driven on this part of Follansbee then we saw one of the major high school where our niece went.  Driving around gives us time to see Mother's nature's beauty.  
As our luck has it, we did not find the property we wanted to see but we get to joy ride and we had fun looking at the scenery which  mattered most!  It was quite a retreat away from the city.


  1. Gorgeous scenery right by the roadway. And great to get the children involved in caring for the car when they too use it. It gives them a purpose.

  2. Nice to see the kiddos growing.

    Love it!


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