Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pimp my Bike

We all have that one friend who is absolutely obsessed with their vehicle. They constantly talk about it, have issues with anyone else so much as touching it and try to upgrade and personalize it at every opportunity. Likewise we have normally seen a few strange ‘custom jobs’ in terms of cars and motorbikes; swapping out normal black seats of the car for neon green leopard print, or engraving ‘Graceland 4ever’ on the back of their motorbike. So what about strange bicycles?

Cycles have a long standing history of being comical. We have the ludicrously popular penny farthing in 1889, and unicycles are still frequently used as an accessory to juggling and comedy clown acts in circuses. So how about we have a look at some very strange, very uniquely customized bicycles?

The Shoe Bike

Todd Kundla created a bicycle made out of sticking old trainers onto metal poles. Although innovative, you wouldn't want to get your foot stuck under one of those wheels! A more stylish and colorful version was also made, this time probably from newer models.

The Roundabout Bike
Made from a total of nine bicycles, this bike wasn't used much as a means of transport, namely because it’d be very hard to go anywhere. It was more used as a playground ride, or as a fun way to exercise in a group. One of the benefits of this bike is that you never fall over, but I wouldn’t use it as a way to get to and from the office quickly.

Shopping Trolley Bike
Now there is an efficient way to do your weekly shopping without chugging the car to and from the supermarket. Be environmentally friendly with this swanky combination bike. However with only the back brakes available; make sure to take extra care on those bends, no use crying over spilt milk!

The Tree Bike
What better way to show your love of foliage than to make a bike out of it? Camouflage yourself completely and take a cycle down to the woods to be completely in tune with nature. The tree bike has been carefully made out of old bits of driftwood and fallen trees, only carved where necessary. To make the handlebars, the owners have used twin branches from a fallen tree. Holly leaves accessorise the bike’s ‘naturalist’ look, and complete with soft mossy seat and pedals, this tree bike is bound to bring you back to your roots.

And finally, the centrepiece of strange bikes. Believe it or not this is actually a bicycle!

Homemade Car Bike
Yabba Dabba Doo? This homemade car/bike is very reminiscent of that lovable caveman family; the Flintstones. Built by a Canadian artist Michel Debroin in 2005, it was created using the skeleton of an old car, some bike pedals and a few old gears.
There was also a special transmission, designed and installed into the car which combines the pedal power; that of up to four people, and transmits it to the wheels of the car. There have been claims that this car-bike can travel up to 15km an hour. Perfect for travelling to the Bedrock Bowl for a night bowling with the guys.

About the Author

Christine Thomas writes for a number of online publications on weird and wonderful things across the world and has contributed this post on behalf ofSummit Different, the online store for cyclists looking for cycling jerseys with a difference.


  1. My husband always wanted to have a bike, Maybe someday we cn afford to get him one.:)

  2. Wow the tree bike looks really hardcore.

  3. wow those are so cool. I would like to try the roundabout bike. I wanna chase my friend riding in front of me ha ha

  4. hahhaa...those are really unique bikes!


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