Friday, December 6, 2013

Photo Album and Scrapbooks

I still have like 10% of the photos I have printed to finish for scrap booking.  I have done the photo albums first and save the scrapbook for   holidays  so the kids can help me.

Do you do scrap books?  


  1. Yes, I hope you can buy one although it's quite expensive at almost $ 5,000 (I saw the ad in the link). Kawawa naman si John sa patuloy na pag shovel nang snow sa inyong driveway. Talagang back breaking job iyon. Maliit pa naman si EJ para tumulong. Lagyan mo kaya nang fruit juice concentrate ang drive way nyo at padilaan mo kay Champ para makabawas sa iso shovel ni John, hehehe, lol. Palagay ko pudpod na ang dila ni Champ eh hindi pa rin mauubos yung snow sa driveway nyo, hehehe, lol. Hayaan mo kapag tumama ako nang lotto rito ay papadalhan ko kayo nang $5,000 sa paypal, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. Same here! I still have some photos and an unused scrapbook that is waiting to happen!. Maybe in 2014..LOL!


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