Thursday, November 21, 2013

Free SMS Philippines

When I came here in the US I brought with me my phone  because it had a roaming  feature.  I used it in  communicating with my family and friends.  I did  give it up however after months of using it because the card  got so expensive and I found a way where I can still communicate for free.  Well it was free for me but  the one texting me back get charge for their replies but it was still cheaper compared to having a roaming  phone.

Anyway, there is a new  app  that  you can use, the  free SMS Philippines.  You can use the app  to send  free SMS to Globe Telecom free,  SMS to Smart Communications,  and free SMS to Sun Cellular.  You can send SMS without registering even which I really love.  I immediately  sent messages to my sisters to test the app.  I was hoping that there would be a way to know if they get it or not but I couldn't find  a description that says that instead I find this widget that you can try.   If you click the down cursor below, you will find the list of  unicodes m then just add the  number you are sending the messages and voila, you're done.  Once  your message is successfully sent, you will get the pop up message that confirms it.  So try it out!.

This is a great app for Filipinos abroad especially this Christmas season.  You will be able to get in touch with family and friends by sending free messages.  So come on and try it, it's free!  Just please remember that  you can not replace your phone with this so don't  rely on this for emergencies.  IT is stil a good app  for us  Filipinos abroad so thank you Askimoi!


  1. I tried too. Wow, it worked! Now I can send SMS for free. Yay!

  2. I've tried that before. It works!


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