Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Memorable Day At The Seaworld

I have always wanted to be close to the ocean, close with the sea mammals, the dolphins and various other sea creatures that lives under the sea and are hardly seen, until and unless you go out into the sea, which does not keep happening. So, I along with my friends suddenly had the idea of going to the famous Seaworld in Florida.

We fixed a nice summer week for the trip. The Florida vacation package booked through made everything so easy for us by guiding and helping us step by step, from airfare to hotel and the tickets to the Seaworld Orlando. Promotional offers & discounts offered by helped us save on our budget, view website for more details.

The hotel was quiet cozy, but we hardly wanted to stay there for long. We were eagerly waiting to visit the Seaworld when our guide asked us to get ready. We were excited.

We were taken away in a large deluxe bus from our hotel room. On the way to the Seaworld Orlando we saw many advertisements of the same, and our excitement grew bigger as we were nearing the place. Finally we arrived, and since we already had the tickets we didn’t delay.

Unlike other theme parks, Seaworld Orlando is not divided into special theme sections; instead there were individually themed attractions like the Main entrance which featured Florida-inspired lush tropical landscaping with artificial freshwater marina and lighthouse. The Key West at Seaworld has been designed to mimic the appearance of the Key West city, where various animal exhibits like cownose rays, southern stingrays, green sea turtles greater flamingos, Indian manatees, and many more were to be seen.

There were many attractions and rides like the Kraken-a floorless roller coaster, Manta-the flying roller coaster, The Sky Tower-400 foot rotating Gyro tower, Jazzy Jellies- A balloon tower styled ride that lifts up and spins, Ocean Commotion, The Flying Fiddler, and many more.
However the main attractions were the Huge Shamu Stadium which is the 7-million-gallon home to the park’s killer whales to perform on the seasonal Shamu Rocks, The Whale and Dolphin Stadium featuring dolphins and macaws, The Sea Lion and Otter stadium, The Seafire Inn, The Bayside Stadium and plenty others to enjoy.
Finally after a long day of watching almost all the events and riding the thrill some rides, it was time for us to head back to our hotels. We wanted to stay for long but, still the memory of such a day will not be rubbed at any time.


  1. This looks something my daughter would love to watch!

  2. i also love fishes + sea mammals. this is something both the little man + i would enjoy!

  3. What a fun trip! I bet the kids loved it!

  4. I really love seeing these three kids together. They're just so cute and happy! I'm glad they're able to watch the dolphins. I'm sure that was a memorable experience for them.

  5. This is so cool family adventure! My kids wants to see a real orca someday and I hope I can take them at seaworld someday.

  6. I wish I can go there!! Maybe that is something that will actually make me agree on going to US with my parents. Hehe. I tell them I don't want to :( But this seems fun and would get me by the loneliness I could get there :)

  7. looks like you had a fun day! Those are are really nice hats that you and your daughter has!

  8. Looks like you had fun. Those are pretty hats that you and your daughter are wearing.

  9. Wee! there are so many things to see, do and ride! :) Seaworld is definitely on our list of must see places to visit. :)

  10. I'll make sure to remember the site the next time we go on a vacation. What lovely photos of your vacation to Seaworld. :)

  11. Love SW the best especially the shamu and dolphin shows.


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