Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Notes

The little miss  wrote this on Monday night before she went to bed.  I thought that it was very sweet.  Whenever  my  kids starts to complain for  things, I always remind them of how lucky they are. They may not have all the material things that they want but they are  blessed with  people that love them dearly.   When we are eating and they seem to ignore the food that they have, I would tell them that there are so many kids  starving at the moment and would  gladly take even just a bite of their food.  Sometimes, real life situation  is what you need to tell your kids to motivate them to do good  things.
Inspired of what his sister have wrote, the little mister also tried to jot down his thoughts for Thanksgiving.  He used the iPad in writing his notes.
Peer pressure is already setting in to these young minds.  They tell us things that their  classmates has and when they don't have it, I ask them if  they  need it and if they say "not really" that's when I tell them that  it's the reason why we don't get it  because they don't really need it.  Having  stuff is nice but sometimes  it spoils  kids and  when they get used to it, it is hard  to  say no when they ask for something.  Unless of course, if you have unlimited supply of resources. For an average family like ours, we need to prioritize the things that we really need and set aside the wants.
Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for being part of my virtual life!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!


  1. your kids are lovely :)

    i am glad to have you as a colleague in the blogging world, i thank you too for being nice to me :) Happy Thanksgiving sis

  2. Exactly! I agree although I do tend to spoil a little bit, but I think it's cause all of the things I wished I could have had when we were growing up poor in Detroit Michigan. I can say this my son has more than I ever did. I have slowed down a lot though and I am working on the earning part now. You want something well so do I lol :)~

  3. they are the sweetest kids. I agree with what they wrote. the little things matters the most.


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