Friday, October 11, 2013

Turquoise Water in Aruba

This post brought to you by Aruba Tourism Authority. All opinions are 100% mine.

From the glittering turquoise water to a quiet horseback rides and  leisure beaches, Aruba has a lot of things to offer for tourists.  Just by looking at the Aruba travel, it makes me want to go there right now!  The quiet retreat of the sandy   beaches where you can see the sun kisses it as it sets in for the night.  

For those who love nightlife, there are so many things to do  there too.  You can  mingle with  the locals  or   tourists at the local beach and pier bars.  You can also   go on a cruise while you are there and  expand their exploration.  Carnival shows being  performed by talented  dancers  would be a fun and enjoyable entertainment.  Let us watch this video and see what  tourists  have to say after they experienced  a once in a life time even  at the beautiful island of Aruba.
I think that ow for the shopping  fanatic, there are enormous  international name brand of product selection that you can buy at a lower prices compared to those that you find here in the US.  Now if you will to go for a vacation in Aruba, who would you take with you and what would be the occasion?  Jot down your thoughts and let's talk about it.


  1. My parents have been to Aruba and they loved it!! I so want to go there as well!

  2. Very tempting right? if we only have extra money to flight right away, we could have done it already.

  3. Love the entertainment they offer to the tourists.

  4. Love that there's something to do and appreciate for every individual who visits Aruba. It's a beautiful place no matter what's your idea of a good time is.

  5. I want to visit this place someday. I am sure, the climate seems like the Philippines in there.

  6. Never been to Aruba, looks like an amazing place to visit. Definitely going on my bucket list!

  7. The beach is calling my name... says the Island girl in me.:) LOL


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