Thursday, October 10, 2013

How to Increase Domain Authority

Blog opportunities is getting scarce nowadays. Advertisers are being picky and they do have a list of requirments such as page rank, alexa rank, Google followers, number of facebook fan for your blogs, and lately I noticed that most of them requires high Domain Authority.

So what exactly is domain authority? How do we increase it? According to what I read online:
It is essentially a measurement pertaining to a website's credibility. The more domain authority a website has, the higher it will show up on a search engine's listing. The key to acquiring this authority lies in building quality inbound links to your website.

So what can we do increase our blog's  Domain Authority?

1.  You can submit your blog's url to  search engines  and website directory like yahoo, Google, Buzzle, Canlink, and Rankin Directory.  You need to use  rich title keywords to maximize your listing ranks.  Now, I have used Google directory with all of my blogs  and I tried using yahoo but was unsuccessful with it.  The other Directories listed above, I have not tried them and will soon look into it.

2.  Constant updates or publishing blog posts free of link or if you like, you can create a press release.

3.  Leaving meaningful comments  on  other people's blog or website also helps increasing your blog's DA.  That's why  even if it takes too much of my time, I  participates on  comment exchange.  

4.  Having  a social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites  helps too.  Make sure that you link your blog to it.

5.  You can offer free tools and other enticing perks as a form of reward to your readers.  Now, the tools, I can't do as you  may all know, I am very poor with technical skill but once in a while, I host giveaways  sponsored by companies I work with although not much because I have no time to  do it.

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  1. Oh no!
    One more thing to learn! Honestly it is too much for one little blogger ;)

  2. Thankfully my DA isn't too bad already (considering I had no idea about it till a few weeks back I do think it was pure luck) but I am hoping it will take over from PR as I just find that very one sided. x

  3. I can't keep up with all this--I think my Domain Authority is ok--I do have it listed on my blog.

  4. Great tips, will surely keep this in mind.

  5. Great tips but I agree with Coolmoms, there is so much to blogging! Yikes!

  6. very informative post, and very helpful, this would definitely a good help for those who are new in blogging.

  7. I'll have to read on this more because I'm not sure how this differs from page rank?

  8. I am open to learning new things about blogging and resources. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  9. thanks for the tips!! Yeah, blog opportunities are hard to look for nowadays, especially for me who hasn't been really active which is why I'm trying to work things out again! Hopefully it works :)

  10. I want to improve my blog's domain authority and so I have to try these tips.

  11. Blogging sure isn't just easy at all. Gotta work hard as well to keep your blog going and make it work. Haven't heard of the others as well mommy so thank you for sharing.

  12. I know, that is why I am losing interest in blogging. When I contact DAs they ask for Page rank, FB fans and such. Thanks for the information, it's very helpful..

  13. I know that is why I am losing interest in blogging nowadays, they keep asking for Page rank, FB fans, and other social media that I don't have.. Thanks for this post, very helpful.

  14. Thanks for the tips sis Rose. I am not really familiar with these things so every info shared by fellow bloggers helps a lot.


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