Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Simple Ways to Earn Extra Cash this Holiday Season

With the holidays looming ahead, many of us are looking for ways to top up our bank accounts. There's no need to start the New Year with a negative bank balance if you plan ahead! The following are a few ways to earn a bit of money on the side to help make sure your holidays are spent enjoying the company of friends and family rather than worrying about finances.

Focus Groups
It's more important than ever during the build-up to the holiday season for retailers to assess customer needs. As a result, many marketing agencies recruit consumers to take part in focus groups. Focus group participants may be asked to try out new products or share opinions about ones they have tried in the past. You can sign up to take online surveys or meet for discussion groups in your area, and get paid simply to share your opinions.

Temporary Retail Sales
As the leaves start to change colors, advertisements for seasonal help start to go up like clockwork in major retail shops. Top brands need extra help during the next few months, to cover the extra customer orders they receive during this time. You'll need a flexible schedule and be willing to work the occasional night and weekend shift, but if you enjoy working with people or in a stockroom you may be a good fit for a seasonal retail job. This is a great way to earn some extra cash, meet new people, and benefit from an employee discount to get your own shopping done!

Distance Learning Teacher
Many schools now offer courses online, and need teachers located across the world to help facilitate them. You will need to become certified either in education or in your area of interest, but then you could help lead courses and interact with students through online education portals. Another option is to act as an informal tutor, teaching language or music lessons over video platforms.

Online Gift Sales
If you want to earn money from home in your spare time, a good way to go about is by setting up your own retail website. You can stock it with keepsakes, jewellery, books, and other bestselling items during the holidays. Concert or event tickets are also a popular option to sell. You don't have to worry about holding inventory when you sell tickets online, because they can often be transmitted through email. To find buyers, you can promote your online shop on social media and help spread the word.

Christmas Markets
If your house is loaded down with antiques or you have a knack for creating knitted works of art, another way to make some spare income is by hitting up the Christmas markets in your area. Online sales or market stalls are some of the best options when you're looking into how to sell antiques, art, and crafts. Other popular items include baked goods, jams, or pickles. You'll want to look at the markets in your area and book a stall as early as possible, because space can go quickly.
From taking a part-time retail job on the weekends to selling gifts from the comfort of your own home, there's no shortage of ways to make some spare cash this holiday season. 


  1. Gaah.. Me too.
    Can you share more online ways to earn money? I need more tips about that.. hhehe.

  2. Do you know which online schools are hiring?

  3. I definitely need to start earning some extra money so thank you so much for these tips I love the idea of Christmas markets (just slightly worried I might like spending at them as well lol) xx

  4. I am always seeking ways to make extra cash--all year long!!

  5. Great list, some things here I will have to try!

  6. Great ideas! I'm certainly trying to find some ways to save and earn in the next few months :)

  7. You shared some really good tips here. I like that your tips are good for the holiday season and many of them are good for all year long.

  8. I wish I could earn a little bit of money so I can save some for Christmas presents. LOL! Great list, mommy.

  9. I always thought the holiday season is all about spending. These are good tips.

  10. These are great ideas! I hope I could earn more so I can spend more..LOL!


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