Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Glimpse Back Home

I talked to my  mother last Sunday and I got a dose of what's going on with my family back home.  It's been a while since we last talk so I just listen to her talk hahaha.  I miss them so much, I wish that I could talk to them everyday but the place where they live does not have  internet  access and the signal for  cellphones is very low.  She told me that my  brother bought another motorcycle  and  he let my other brother ride it.    Sometimes I get worried about them riding motorcycle because it reminds me of  what happened to my eldest brother.   I told my Mom to tell my brothers to always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.  Anyway, here is a photo of my brother  paddling a very small boat together with  a cousin and their kids.
A Glimpse Back Home


  1. It's tough to live so far from family. Love that picture. Really shows how different worlds live.

  2. Oh I know just what you mean. Motorcycles can be so dangerous. I always have to say grab the helmet. Accidents happen so quickly.

  3. ya it's hard to be so far away, from family especially mom's that's why I moved I missed my mom and wanted my son to know her.

  4. I'm glad you have connected with your family in the homeland, it's very difficult and sad to be far away from them, yet we tend to be strong just because of them as well.

  5. Awww, I hear you sis... Sounds like uma-asenso pamilya mo, mine hasn't... haist... frustrating but will leave it up to God.


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