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At any time of the year you might crave the freshness, the breezy spaciousness and new potential that comes with spring. The way your home looks and feels plays a major part in controlling your mood and emotions, how you feel when you’re in it and also when you’re away from it. You can give yourself that spring lift anytime by trying some of these changes in your home so that you can have those feelings of abundance and lightness all year round:

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Buy fresh flowers once a week, or better yet, grow and pick them yourself. A flower display not only on the dining table but also in bedrooms and even bathrooms brings a little delight to each corner. You can also arrange small branches, driftwood, seashells and feathers on a shelf or mantle piece. Although not all are blessed with the ability, if you can keep indoor plants alive (succulents are quite hard to kill I hear), dot them throughout the house.

Cleaning, the Dreaded C Word

Even if you don’t directly notice the dust, the film it leaves dulls the color and shine of every surface. And it builds up remarkably quickly! Dusting, sweeping and vacuuming at least once a fortnight brings a much-needed freshness to each space. Every month or so clean the walls: the build up of handprints leaves a dull greyness.


Most furniture only needs a fresh change of fabric to give it a new life; save it from the skip and save yourself money too!

Scents of Spring

When we encounter a pleasant smell it relaxes our mind and encourages us to take long, deep breaths. Having a scented oil burner in any room of your house is an excellent way to both relax and refresh the mind. Any essential oil can be used in an oil burner, and you can make unique combinations of scents to create different moods for the space. For a spring feel try fresh scents like lemongrass, orange blossom, lavender, rosemary and Australian natives like lemon myrtle, which is a particular beautiful combination of sweet and zesty!

A New Rug’s as Good as a Holiday

There’s nothing more sad and dingy than a thread-bare, faded old rug. Buying a new rug for your living room will add a fresh splash of color and will enhance the whole space, making all the other furniture seem fresher as well. Try sites like, where you can find a rug to suit any space and style for any room in your house. Large rugs in living spaces, runners in corridors and small rugs on either side of the bed add color and texture to the room. And what to do with the old one? Give it to a charity store or lay it down on the veranda, patio or another outdoor area; even a faded rug can brighten up an outdoor space and give it a shabby-chic feel. You could also use it as an excellent picnic blanket for when the spring weather starts!


  1. I really used to love having flowers inside - I've not done it since I have moved mainly as I've been sorting out the outside. x

  2. Oh the dreaded C word! I just can't keep this place clean but I agree that bringing plants inside is the way to go.

  3. Bringing plants indoors is a great way to improve a house. I know I really like the basil plants I keep around the house.

  4. love the yellow roses and the matching mat...

  5. wonderful tips i love the yellow flowers

  6. I like that you have plants inside your house. The only thing I have it a lucky bamboo.

  7. I can apply those tips. Plants and flowers are lovely to look at.

  8. Wonderful tips. They said that yellow flower represents happiness and the one that you have looks gorgeous.

  9. I like light colors in the house, too. And indoor plants also help eliminate house odors.


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